Can anyone make my Fast Spinstar Spin longer????


poll is uneccesary. but the spinstar isn’t designed to spin that long. it’s for players who might be interested in yoyoing. to improve the sleep time just clean the bearing and immenesly work on your throw. make it as straight and strong as possible without killing it.
another thing you could try is to get another one. if you want another good beginners one i recommend a kickside lyn fury or velocity. if you’re looking for a bi-metal get a dark magic. these yoyos will definitely spin longer and get you through more tricks.

Send it into a modder or clean the bearing add shims and schoomve it

Shims and schmooving it won’t help. Just clean and thin lube the bearing. Then work on your throw!

Ripping out the starbursts help a little…

How will you get it to come back to your hand without those?

yeah it could spin forever but that still won’t help at all. just clean and lube your bearing like previously stated and work on your throw.

The gap on those yoyos are very tight, I ripped out the starbursts on my F.A.S.T. 201, it was still crazy responsive, slept a little longer and was more quiet

Schmooving, will in no way, help the spintime, and is still yet to be proven to aid in yoyo performance atall, let alone spintime, though I think they look cool.

Ripping out the starburst wont help much because unless you have enough friction built up to make the energy from your throw transfer to the yoyo.

Cleaning the bearing might help alittle, but practice that throw, work on your style, and enjoy the yoyo for what it is.

Sorry, but all this has been stated before.

Don’t be sorry mate, I restated on purpose.

Instead of just saying “No it wont work” I figured I would explain “why”

There were a few contradicting posts in this thread so I thought a conclusion might be handy.

Im all down for modding for moddings sake, look in my case and you will know this lol, but some low level yoyos are just a bunch of fun to play with unmodded with broken in bearings.

One of my “Desk” yoyos is the Bandai Yomega stealth raider with a highlight on it. Fun yoyo, I can hit quiet a few of my combos on it aswell.