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Hey guys and gals!

So I’ve been throwing for a couple months now id say and I love every bit of it. My first actual yo yo purchase was the one, a whip, and the yyj journey. I like throwing all three of them. I like the one the best I think. I’m still working on my binds so the whip is becoming more fun! My problem with the journey is its real touchy, and by that I mean responsive, and it has almost no spin time! It’s actually my favorite shape of the three but I can’t play it for string tricks very well because it either dies real quick or snaps back up. So I have two questions. One, is there any sort of mod that will increase my spin time on the journey, other than my throw, I know its not perfect but i feel its strong enough for a decent sleeper. Or two, is there an upgrade I should look into that is that bigger plastic shape that would satisfy my sleep times. Thanks in advance!!

In terms of modding, you could clean the bearing,,871.0.html, but for an upgrade i’d say any of the yyf “stars”. They have excellent sleep times and performance. You could also try a bimetal yo yo by yyj (i don’t own any but I really liked playing the sfx and the phenomizm). Hope this helps!

side note: all the yoyos and/or mods are completely unresponsive (except the sfx comes with a responsive bearing and unresponsive and the phenomizm you have to “break in” for it to be totally unresponsive)

Quick response! Thanks for that bud! I dont mind the complete unresponsive play ill have to get used to it eventually and I can bind I’m just still in the process of perfectiong it. Haha I have been looking at the northstar and the protostar quite a bit lately I just don’t know which one to go with, not that that has anything to do with this thread but all opinions on those two are welcome! Another question, when I cleaned my bearing on my metal drifter I used mineral spirits and then used sewing machine oil as lube. I’ve read that’s okay but the outside of the bearing started to rust is that going to be normal all the way around or did I probably do something wrong Haha just want to know so I don’t make it happen again.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Lol

for the rusted bearing, I don’t think your doing anyting wrong, or you use water to clean off the mineral spirit or your hands are sweaty and got into the bearing, other than that everything should be find. you can put the bearing into white vinegar and wait maybe 24 hours. this thread will help you,17749.0.html
and the difference between protostar and northstaris the weight. Protostar is lighter and more floaty, but northstar is heavier and more solid

Thanks for that link man ill look in to that! I think I am going to eventually get both just get one at a time! Thanks for the help!

About your Journey; Cleaning the bearing will let it spin longer, and it will make it unresponsive. But it will still be easier to bind than the Whip, because the Journey has a smaller gap, and o-rings. Then when you get to where you can bind the Journey and the Whip consistantly, if you want, we can go back to working on the Journey. (Silicone, shims, etc.)

About spin time; I know when learning a new trick, longer spin helps a lot, because we’re doing everything in slow motion. But I think many people put too much importance on it. Watch Kimmitt’s routine from the ‘10 Worlds. During his winning routine he throws about a dozen times in 3 minutes. Thats an average of every 15 seconds. I’m just sayin’…

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Glad to help! In terms of the protostar vs. northstar, i prefer the northstar just because it’s heavier, but both of them are amazing and i’d gladly recommend either or both (plus, don’t rule out the starlite because it’s really good as well). They have amazing spin times imo and can handle anything except grinds that are more difficult than a basic arm grind.

Java, thanks for the info I’ve been playing with the whip all day just trying to get more used to the unresponsive side of play.

Jayyo, no what?

Sgt, thanks ill eventually want both of them anyway I may just go with the protostar first and then the northstar a little later, or maybe the northstar first? Hmm maybe ill just have to make one of my non throwing friends pick one for me lol

I’d say clean the bearing, silicon it, and buy some orings for rim weight. For the orings, the first thing you want to do is remove the caps ( with a suction cup). Then you want bring your yoyo to the hardware store, the orings are probably going to be in the plumbing section. Finally just test witch sizes fit the in the cup.

Thanks I’ll research it more tomorrow when I’m not on my phone, but basically I’ll pop out the caps and replace them With a metal o ring that will pop in where the caps will go??

First, the o-rings are rubber ( basically giant version of the response system). Second of all, the caps don’t affect play at all.

Thanks although I’m already done with it now. I was thinking more of a washer type deal at first that would completly replace my caps. Well I went ahead and used two o rings on each side superglued together and then suoerglued them to the caps and popped them back in.