sleep time mods

any one got any way to mod a yoyo to sleep longer?
besides practicing my sleeper

weight rings, cleaning your bearing just to name a few

Not much but practicing. Silicone recess and high wall helps.

schvmooving, I think I spelled it right

Practice >>>>>>> Mod. A ‘mod’ will help a little, practice will help a LOT.

The sooner you accept that and move on, the better off you’ll be.



I agree,agree,agree.

You can add shims and silicone it, that increased the sleep time by 15 seconds or add weight rings

Silicone has nothing to do with sleep time, nor do shims… both are designed to change response.

Weight rings would change things, but assigning an arbitrary number to it is silly and inaccurate.



Please use the thank you button for this. Thanks.

Kyo is owning this thread and it being correct every time.

Kyle is wrong and I am right. Problem is I totally agree with Kyle!
I love it when someone says “do this and it will add 1 minute of sleep time”. There is nothing that anyone can do that will add a certain amount of time. Unless you know exactly how hard that person throw’s EVERY time. There is no mathematical equation for finding these values.

The world must be ending. Kidding! :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve been agreeing more and more these days. lol

You had to get smarter eventually :wink:

Ouch. I felt that all the way over here.

I love you too Kyle.

This is gettin’ intense!

Like camping!

You have no idea how glad I am that you used my set-up, for your terrible joke

It mostly depends on the yoyo,(stock FAST 201 won’t sleep as long as a decently modded 201)
on whether or not it could help to mod it, based on your sig I am going to assume you either have a PGM or a legacy, which really won’t matter too much as they are pretty much the top tier of plastic yoyos.

Meaning practice.