How do I increase sleep time?

Just as the subjects states, I’m trying to make my combos last longer and currently I can’t hold anything longer than about 30 secs at best. I’m sort of an intermediate player with a DM1 and was wondering if anyone had any tips. Thanks in advance!

Regarding the yoyo, you can put shims in it and clean the bearing.
As for your skills, as the video might has mentioned, try snapping your wrist more, throw with more force, and remember to throw straight.

Yeah, there’s really nothing you can do about it.

There’s plenty he can do about it.

Put your full arm into your throw, it’s all in the wrist but the more power you have behind your wrist will make all the difference. Snap your wrist SUPER HARD.

Practice your throw nonstop, don’t do tricks, just work on getting a long spinning throw.

Try a better bearing.

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There are many ways to, mainly practicing more.

Watch Andre’s video “Strong Throws” if you haven’t already
Use a broken-in bearing

Hope this will help you and Good luck

Bearings and shims are not going to do crap if your throw isn’t up to par. I can put a KK w/ thick shims in my DM, throw it crocked and it will sleep for seconds, but if I throw it stock and straight I can get a few minutes out of it. Q said it the best, just work on that throw.

practice practice practice
That’s all you need…!!

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buy a new yoyo dark magic is not good

Your yoyo is fine, don’t do anything to it.

Practice more, that’s the ONLY real solution to needing more sleep time.

Shims do -nothing- for sleep time, they just make the gap wider… that is a completely unrelated thing.

Practice more. Practice more. Practice more.

A straight throw and smooth movements are far more important than a hard throw that isn’t as well controlled. Jack Ringca is always my example here… he’s the head demo guy for Duncan, he is a former national 5a champion… he throws with all the power of a 5 year old girl, but he’s smooth and precise.


Shims will do something, since its a DM1 the string will touch the oring and the star burst. I shim add are added the string will touch less the response and you will have a wider gap so you do trick easier.

Keep your lines straight.

What does that mean?

The plane of the yoyo. The plane of the string. Make sure they are lined up. If you see your yoyo start to tilt, your lines aren’t straight. If you hear your starbursts getting noisy, your lines aren’t straight. It means extra friction and less control, which is amplified when you add layers and swing the yoyo around. Ryosuke Iwasawa practically drops his yoyo instead of throwing it, then proceeds to do extended, blazing-fast combos and lacerations of mindblowing difficulty. He can do this because he keeps his lines straight.

I meant like you can’t make the yoyo spin longer than it possibly can with a good throw.

Once again, shims do NOTHING for sleep time. I didn’t say they won’t increase gap size and make putting in tons of layers easier, I said it won’t make the yoyo sleep longer… which it won’t.


95% of sleep time is your throw. If you aren’t getting the spin-time you want, then work on throwing straighter and stronger, with a tight wrist snap. Any modern yoyo with as ball-bearing will give you minutes and minutes of sleep time with a decent, straight throw.

Also, if you’re going for straight-out spin time, not doing combos or tricks or stuff, you can use the string twist method to get a lot more spin time than you’d get from just throwing it down and waiting. This is how records are set.

Just do tricks and you will get better at throwing as you do it more often.

if you havent noticed, you can have a straight throw… that will keep the string from touching the starbursts.

why do u say that its a lie