I may have serious throw issues!


I was timing my sleeper on my new Dark Magic II and the best I was getting was 1 min. I’ve read people getting three minutes with ease and wanted to know if that was about right. I’m averaging around 45 to 50 seconds. I was thinking I shouldn’t have a problem getting 2 minutes but no luck. I’m assuming it is my throw and not the bearing or the yoyo.

Would everyone agree? If so any specific recommendations to research a better throw? Thanks.

it’s your throw.
keep practicing.

Also, don’t worry about sleep time. If you can do your combo, that’s all that matters. Unless of course you’re going for the world record. Which if you’re trying for that, you’ll need to beat 22 1/2 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey man,

thanks. I figured that was the reason I was having some trouble with some of my tricks and so forth. I mentioned in another post that my protostar allows me to do more tricks than the Dark Magic you got me. But I read someone else getting 3 min sleep on a DM and figured it is probably my throw. But the DM seems to die on me at the end of some of my tricks and the protostar lets me at least complete a somewhat short combo.

Any particular place I should go to watch video or ways to practice and what to look for to correct whatever I’m doing?

Just practice. And basically Dynikus said it all.

You practice until you have a solid, non-tilt, strong, firm throw.

To correct to a better way of throwing would be a challenge, the videos out there show how to throw, but only a few show skills on how to do it better. Just snap your wrist, while moving your arm downward.

the time you spent to see how much sleep time you would get out of a throw is time you could have spent actually playing and getting better.

don’t mind your sleep time, just play, your throw will get better with time and practice

if you want to try something else, the 5A throw feels better for me, I throw harder and more easily holding the yoyo like in 5A when I do 1A

Try an imperial shape yo-yo and if it is tilted it will be easier to see to straighten your throw.

I disagree with Keb. In my experience, I find it easier to throw a modified shape or an Imperial straight with less practice than a wing-shaped yoyo.

I recommend more practice. That’s what worked for me and what I still do. Although, I barely get a chance to practice these days. But I don’t just spend time working on my throw. I warm up, and after anywhere from 2-5 throws, I’m straight enough to start working on stuff again.

in order to get a solid spin you need two things power and technique.

#1 Start with a good tight bind. Whether you are throwing a front spin ( sleeper) or a side spin ( breakaway) start with a really srong throw. you can never throw too hard.

#2 During front spin: after the yo leaves your hand but before it gets to the end of the string, pull up on the string, hard! if you did it right you will notice the difference. another way to do this is grab an offstring yoyo and practice the power throw ( 4a equivalent to the 1a sleeper) when doing this throw with a 1a, throw over your hand but don’t worry about catching it. after the yo is thrown over your nonthrowhand finger just pull your throwhand back. !!! will burn fingers !!!

during the side spin: throw up and out and as your yo is unwinding from the string pull the sring out as you guide it. ( your throwhand should look like its doing the hook whip during your throw) you want to pull the strig out of the yoyo while its in process of the throw but not so much as to pull it off its path !!! I always pinwheel my breakaways. for safety purposes. the yoyo will be less likely to OWN YOUR FACE if you pinwheel. good idea if you are going to be whipping aroud a metal yoyo !!!

Using and pefect these techniques will greatly improve the spin on your yo.

Except when you get the space wrong and BAM! Straight to the floor (Maybe it’s just me that happens to. -_-)

And i totally agree with the second part, I do the same. I’ve learned the hard way. :frowning: