Help !

hey i just got my dark magic2 today and it sleeps for 1:10 and i heard it sleeps for about 2min+ is it my throws or is it the yoyo ?? and yes im using the high speed bearing

Its your throw. You just need to practice throwing more

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It is your throw. You gotta flick your wrist. And when you throw the yoyo, try to let go at the right time, and stopping your throwhand motion. So you throw then stop. Try this unles you are doing a gravity pull.

Throw strong, use your wrist.

Everybody throws differently. Its not your throw. I’ve thrown so light before and i’ve gotten spin times for over 1 minute I dont know what you guys are talking about. You just need to break in the bearing some more.

Even if you broke in your bearing it can spin much longer than 1 min.

It’s MOST likely your throw. We’re telling him to throw harder and correctly, that’s all.

Well if you are beginner, dont expect a long sleeper. I remember when i started about half a year ago, i had a 30 second sleeper for about a month

It might be your throw or maybe you just need to break the bearing in a little more. But it might be your throw. It never hurts to take a couple days just focusing on your throw. It can always be improved. Everybody throws differently so techniques that work for other people’s throw might not work for you. I would just try to experiment for a while and see what works best for you. Keep practicing until you are comfortable with your sleep time.

If you’re really trying to break it in, doing Gyro Flops would speed up the process.

Aside from what’s been posted. you have to throw hard. Relatively speaking A 10 year old kid will not get the same sleep time as a teen ager and so forth. Sleep times are not standard for everyone. Plus you have to keep the string off the walls at all times to get a decent sleeper. The DM2 has a high wall so if your string is not centered it’ll be tricky. A lot of yoyos out there tip over due to tilting and string friction even though there is a lot of spin left, which of course cuts off your sleep time tremendously and causes frustration.