Dark Magic Problem

my Dark Magic arrived yesterday but its sleep time is only 25 seconds with no
customization but in youtube i saw their dark magic sleeps for minutes
whats d difference?

i think because its new and the bearing didnt break in yet and u could have bought Grey Fox of blazing teens 2 :wink: :slight_smile: ;D 8)

The bearing just needs some love, break it in and it will sleep. I’m sure the D/M in the vid also had a cleaned bearing, making it spin longer.

Like they said break it in, and if you show it lots of “love” then it should spin pretty well in a few days. Also, when throwing, flicking you wrist helps it spin longer.

A good throw makes all the difference. If it vibes or wobbles a little then the spin time will be lower. Also keeping the string off the walls of the yoyo will help. Throw is key. Just keep at it and it will get much better.