Dark Magic Sleeping questions

I could get my dark magic to sleep on the 2nd day for about 55-65 seconds, and after using it a lot on the 4th day I can only get it to sleep for 30-40 seconds and my sleeps i feel have become stronger and more centered. Could it have to do with the string I am using or does the bearing need to be lubricated with some light lubricant to make it more smoother to last longer? It seems like im getting the yoyo to spin even faster for the first 10-15 seconds then I used to be then it just starts to die out quicker.

Thin lube it and change your string. That should work, if not, let me know.

You probably broke in the bearing, so it should spin longer. Change your string or check the string tension. From there it’s just light thin lube and you should be fine.

yeah. you cod be playing too dry. Bearings need some natural friction to perform well and last long. Add some thin.

yea thank for help guys, I think it was so dry it literally was grinding and no going long, when I put some light lubrication in it it really started to sleep silent and unresponsive now and a lot longer.