how do you make a dark magic sleep longer

My Dark Magic will only sleep at 40 seconds. I think it is because of my throw but I’m not sure? ???

This is probably because of your throw, but nothing practice won’t fix. Straight and strong is really all you need.

It might be a lot of lube in the bearing. Nothing some play won’t fix.

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thanks. I’ll work on it

ya you cuold work on your throw abd if it’s new you may want to play with it until the bearing is broken in.

And then sell the yoyo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Play with it. It’ll break in. You might notice it or you might not. Either way, just keep playing with it. :wink:

Or dont buy a dark magic (they are way over rated IMO) :stuck_out_tongue:

what do you meaan ‘‘sell the yoyo’’
well then hope i helped even a little bit.

I was kidding. What you said was good, but to me it just sounded like he should play with it and then when it’s broken in, just stop, so I added to what you said to clarify (if only for myself). The part I added was that he should just play with it. It’ll break it with time, but he should just keep playing with it.