Dark Magic help?

How often does this thing need lubed? i have only had it for two days now but it seems as though its string capacity ( how many I can fit in the gap ) is decreasing. Also Its sleep time is going down and the bearing is kinda loud. Does it need lubed? thanks for the help.

Work on your throws a bit, and maybe make some shims. For the lube, use it when you want to, when it seem like it’s too loud. You dont have to though, some people run it dry, or not lube at all. If you do lube, just put in a drop on a needle. It’ll be small, but it’ll work.

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To me it looks like your bearing is breaking in. When the loud sound starts to calm down add a drop of lube on a needle.

its awkward though that its slowing. usually when you break it in it spins faster.

It seems like it slowing maybe not though. I noticed that my spin time is still only about a minute or so. Is that about normal for a 5 day old DM?

I could probably get a stock Dark Magic to sleep longer than that out of the box. It all depends on your throw. There is no norm.

Lube won’t help it spin “longer” at all.