Noisy yoyo?

My dark Magic 2 has become really loud when it sleeps and it doesn’t sleep as long as it should what should I do to fix this?

Your bearing is just breaking in. Just play with it a couple more days and it should be fine. Also, clean/lightly lube your bearing.

clean your bearing.

Cleaning your bearing is the best solution. Make sure there are no debris or dirt on the bearing seat. See if your silcone is wearing out. If it is, there is a chance it’ll go in the bearing (clean the bearing for solution).

And if it’s still loud, correctly lube it. Put a drop of lube on to a needle or pin, tip your needle down, you should see a needle tip size drop of lube. Touch it to one of the balls. Flick it a few times just to make sure it gets around. Plug and play.
After lubing, it’ll be kinda responsive but with play, it’ll break in. Also Gyro Flopping breaks the bearing in quite faster. Mine broke in in 6 long Gyro Flops.

That makes no sense, breaking it in then cleaning it is pointless, do one or the other. Or after a lot of play if the bearing is still loud clean it.