Not sure about my bearing...

I’ve had my Dark Magic for just a few weeks now. So far things have been great. But the sound is changing. Maybe it’s just the sound of being even further broken in but I’m not so sure.

It will be really smooth at times and then at others it’s almost like there’s a slight grind. It would be sort of like what you might expect if there were the tiniest bit of sand in it. It’s not real loud. It’s more subtle. But it’s there.

So I thought maybe it needed a cleaning. I did that, put it back together and nothing has changed.

I hadn’t really thought too much about it but a while ago I was using it and the bearing momentarily seemed like it locked up. It freed back up and spins fine now, so maybe it didn’t actually lock. It didn’t shoot back up to my hand so maybe it didn’t. But it looked to me like bearing wasn’t moving, it was just spinning inside the string.

Or maybe not. I can’t really say for sure.

Any thoughts on this?

Its normal for me cuz I used my kk and one time it was like dead silent and the next day it was screaming like no other bearing so if it spins well then i think its okay.

I think it is breaking in, is it less responsive than when you got it? If so, it is breaking in, the lube is wearing out so the metal makes noise if there is fast friction, if it bothers you, put lube on it. :wink:

Yep, its just breaking in, so now it should spin longer and get more unresponsive. Don’t worry about when your bearing starts making wierd noises, its normal.

Take it out, and put it atop a pencil. Flick it with your finger. If it spins for a few seconds, its in good shape. If it basically stops right after being flicked, there’s either: Something in it, heavily lubed, or its locked up.

Alright. Thanks. I’ll just carry on until it locks up, explodes, or something along those lines.

I thought I already had it broken in. Perhaps not.

Ok, I’m off to work on my Kwijibo and slack trapeze.

Slack trapeze is so fun when you get it down! And I remember vividly learning kwyjibo whilst watching Monty Python in my pajamas. Two great tricks ;D

I agree that its broken in now. However, if it starts making grinding sounds, or gets to a noise level which you don’t like, then I suggest putting a little bit of lube in the bearing to keep it back on track :wink:

As for an update,

It wasn’t breaking in, it was breaking down. I was right, it was momentarily locking up. Rather than getting longer, my sleep times got shorter. It hasn’t locked up all together but it’s not behaving as it should.

I ordered a 10 Ball when I thought it was getting worse rather than better. It just came in the mail today so I’m off to start breaking it in.

Well good luck with your 10-Ball. :wink:

All right, cool. If you ever want to send the original bearing to me, I’ll clean it and try to fix it free of charge. If you want to take me up on this offer, you can see my trade count to see I’m not a scammer, haha.

It’s a possibility I suppose. Right now I’ve got it put up with quite a bit of oil on it. I didn’t want to take any chances on it rusting.

The 10 ball is going well. You guys were right, it is smooth.

Haha, smoothes bearing I’ve ver played. :slight_smile: