How do I make my Dark Magic II Unresponsive Bearing Quieter

I found myself having a blast with the Dark Magic II bearing, but it was amazingly loud and annoying. Is there anything I can do to the bearing to make it so it isn’t so loud? (This was written an hour after opening) Thanks in advance!

It’s breaking in. Keep playing it. Then put a drop of thin lube in there. All done!

So it should naturally get quieter then after a week of solid playing, I should add thin/thick lube?

If you’re putting in long hours, it should break in by then, but some bearings take longer. You may wish to clean the bearing as well. Thin lube if you want it unresponsive.

Normally an unresponsive bearing tends to be louder because the way to make them unresponsive is to NOT lube them. Lube makes it quieter. You could try some YYJ thin lube. That’s supposed to make the yoyo unresponsive and quiet at the same time. Don’t know for sure, never used it.

Use a thumb tack to put on thin lube. Put a drop on the tack and some should stay on the tip. Touch the tip of the tack to the bearing on the ball part. Once or twice and use it for a few minutes and it should be a lot quieter. If you use too much thin lube, it will be responsive again. Be careful with the tack.

…put an ABEC rated bearing in it…

Ohhh, of course. I forgot all about that… :wink:

Fjh has some amazing bearings^^^

So making sure that the bearing is closer to the .250"x.500"x.187" specifications will make it quieter?

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Yes the ,250 and the .500 part. The inner and outer races.