Is quiet and unresposive impossible?

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Ok so here’s my question. I like my throws totally unresponsive and totally quiet and it’s not working out for me so well. I recently got a punchline and it was unresponsive and quiet right out of the box :). But after some time it got loud so I cleaned the bearing and tried adding some yomega brain lube(all I have) and it was still loud. If I add too much it goes quiet but responsive and too little loud and unresponsive.

So what next? Should I get thin lube and try that out? Does it really work?? How do you guys make ur yoyo’s quiet and unresponsive?

Thanks for the help guys.
Keep throwing!

Stainless Steel bearings generally make a lot of noise when they are completely clean spinning. Just the nature of the bearing with metal against metal.

We have found the quietest bearings (once broken in) to be the Ceramic KonKave by Dif-E-Yo.

I really recommend stock YYJ bearings that have been lightly lubed and broken in. Mine are completely unresponsive and almost too quiet for me.

Higher ABEC = Quieter.

But you can’t really trust ABEC ratings anymore.

Distributors/manufaturers lying, stores lying or fooled.

No one tests them.

And lube it O.o

It isn’t that you can’t trust ABEC ratings, it is that they have nothing to do with the smoothness and quietness of the bearing.

Yeah, nvm.

But lots of bearings marketed as ABEC-# don’t meet the standards.

Actually the abec is all about tolerances. In this case if you have a bearing with loose tolerances it will be louder that one with tight tolerances. You are both right and both wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will using thin lube instead of brain lube make a difference??
I want to try a 10 ball cause people say those are quiet.
Ceramics are like 30$ and I have never tried a konkave so idk

no. Thin lubing does not make it silent, I don’t know about quieter.

I Got a Speed Dial from YYF and it is completly silent when I set it to be non-responsive. I didn’t do anything to mod ir and the bearing is stock.

Any hspin yoyo with a plastic cage bearing is quiet and very smooth.

If you have baby oil (plain baby oil with the “ingredients: mineral oil, fragrance”, no aloe vera or other stuff), trumpet valve oil, sewing machine or some other light machine oil, you can try that to see if it works for you before you spend money.
Brain lube is super thick Synco Super Lube.
If you liked the way the bearing performed before, the problem isn’t the bearing, it was the lubricant/oil it came with evaporating… or centrifugal force flinging the light oil towards the outside race, so you’re getting metal-to-metal contact on the inner raceway…i think

This says ABEC affecting noise is “generally no” …
And this is actually a reliable source of information on bearings, not some article written by someone who thinks he/she knows what he/she is talking about but doesn’t really and puts it up on the web.

ABEC is the precision (…closeness to the targeted…size… don’t they mean accuracy) of the inner and outer rings for fitment on a shaft/hub or housing… and the tolerance for how out-of-round the race/ring can be… and other stuff?
So ABEC rating is one of the factors that can affect noise level.

Bad fitment/ricketiness at speed would still make noise though (noise would probably be the least concern if it’s that bad and it’s a critical application.)…
Yo-yos go up to… record 14,000 RPMs?
Which the ABEC 1 standard more than suffices?

But it ignores a lot of what’s going on inside the bearing, balls, cages/retainers and stuff…?

Loud bearings might actually be better suited for yo-yos.

You are going to have to buy a another bearing to get it quiet. Brain lube makes it responsive. Use thin lube, it will make it unresponsive.

No it won’t! Thin lube means “less response” as apposed to thick lube is “more response”. Thin lube will make your yoyo responsive. Until you break it in.

Lightly lubed 10-balls sez NO!

im just going to be getting a 10 ball bearing and trying that out. By the way what kind of helped me was adding tiny tiny ammounts of brain lube until i got a bit quiet but still unresponsive

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So for those of you that say that thin lube is for unresponsive lube you are wrong. Lube is used to adjust the response level of any given bearing in the application of yoyoing. Response of course being the difficulty of returning the yoyo by simply making the string slack around the axle and without weight. Hence why when you pull up, right before the yoyo returns the string is slightly slacked. Once the weight is off of the string, the motion of the bearing carries it around and the yoyo returns. There is a nice side effect of lube though. When lubed, bearings are much quieter. People say breaking the bearing is the way to go to get a quiet smooth unresponsive bearing, but that is removing lube through use. There is an easier and faster way to do it. Get some lighter fluid or mineral spirits ready.

Steps to a quiet and unresponsive bearing:
Step 1: Apply the lube to the bearing.
Step 2: When the bearing spins quietly, stop applying lube.
Step 3: Make sure the lube is evenly distributed in the bearing.(throw it around 5 or 6 times and let the spin die out.)
Step 4: Add a small(read: TINY) amount of mineral spirit or lighter fluid.
Step 5: Flick spin a couple times.

Repeat steps 3-5 until satisfied. You now have an unresponsive(and hopefully quieter) lubed bearing. However as the bearing dries, the noise will return, amplified by the speed, or shape of the yo-yo, or what have yo, but the noise will return. Oh and ceramic is NOT quieter than other bearings. It can be just as loud or louder. I have several ceramic bearings, and they can get loud. Very loud.

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hehe u guys are all wrong i got 3 yoyos that are quiet and unresponsive one x convict two trinity and three y hitman 3 years experience says so

ok all of those saying that thin lube makes it more responsive are wrong and all of those saying that it makes it less responsive are also wrong. it depends on the circumstances. thin lube breaks down thick lube. so if you have thicklubed it (which is what happened in this case) and then add thin lube, it will become unresponsive. if you thin lube a dry bearing, then it will become more responsive.

also, to who ever said try what you have around the house like trumpet oil and baby oil, BAD IDEA. trumpet lube is very thick and so is baby oil.

i know he said he is getting a 10ball, and that in my experience is one of the quietest, and aperently so are ceramic ones. One drop and Hspin make the quietest ones. THEY SHOULD MAKE A 10 BALL BEARING THAT USES CERAMIC BALLS! but just remember that 10ball bearings take a really long break in time. mine took almost 2 months