Quiet bearings?


To be honest, loud bearings don’t bother me all. In fact, I kinda like the sssssssssssssss sound it makes 8) But that’s just me. The sound annoys some people so much that they ask me to stop playing :stuck_out_tongue: Are there any bearings that are made to be quiet, or anything I can do to quiet the bearing? And I mean bearings that still allow long sleepers. I can make bearings silent by lubing it a whole lot, but that just makes the yoyo sleep less longer and very responsive :frowning: Any help? Thanks guys.

(Alex Fairhurst) #2

A One Drop 10-Ball with two drops V4M lube in it. Dead quiet and dead unresponsive.


The One drop 10 ball bearing makes NO SOUND AT ALL. At first, when people said it was quiet, I expected a gentle hiss. But no, It is SOUNDLESS. They are really smooth too.


Thanks guys ;D I’ll order a OD 10-ball soon then.


Make sure you get some OD V4M Lube with it. It doesn’t stay quiet forever.


this, I got that setup in my Code 1, can’t hear a thing


Yes sir! OD’s 10-ball and V4M lube it is.


back in the day - shield400 (sp?) put up a tutorial on how to clean a bearin’. the most interestin’ part was that he put metal polish in the bearin’, and then clean’d it.

kept the bearin’ quiet from that point on…apparently. never tried this method, but i can see it workin’.

bearin’ type, manufacturer, ball count, etc. has nothin ’ to do w/ how quiet a bearin’ is - that’s all preference.




Terrapin X is dead unresponsive and blows 10ball out of the water. 10 ball adds balls to it without treatment and slows it down. Yes it makes it not as loud but it slows it down. Test it yourself. Look up Terrapin X(ebay and here). The chrome acts better than the 10ball and the ceramic acts like airplane grade its AMAZING. I never thought bearings made a difference until Terrapin X. Its GOD. John (who makes them) is a great guy too! Just give it a try! Same with the CW! If you dont try your missing out…



I have a ten ball and an eight ball speed bearing, and the one with ten balls is way better.


I have to agree about the 10ball being better than the YYJ Speed. Even the YYF bearings. But I do think TX is best then probably general yo’s AIRG bearing.


Correct me if I’m wrong, I have 9 mostly metal yos. For noise bearings I use a 35 mm photo container, fill it with lacquer thinner or acetone. Put the bearing in ,shake really well , then take the bearing out with a tooth pick. dry it on paper towel and the noise is gone.
Since there is no weight on the bearing there is no need to oil it. the bearing usually stays quiet until it picks up dust from the string or outside source.
Can’t use paint thinner because it leaves a residue.


Actually, acetone and lacquer thinner will leave a residue since they tend to evaporate quickly. That’s Mr. Diffeyo’s advice. And a dry bearing will be louder than a lubed bearing and will eventually wear, and lock up regardless of “no weight”. That has been my experience.


No,no,no I have a ten ball speed and an 8 ball speed.

(Jei Cheetah) #15

10 ball bearings go bad after 2 days of play, I have owned 5 and got rid of em all cause they all went bad.

I have owned 2 terapin X and both went bad.

Stock bearings win out over all and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise cause they’re a loser.

I set up all my stock bearings with nothing but a drop of yyj thin lube. And there isnt much noise if any, and the play is superb, doesnt need to be deshielded, nothing. And it blows all those stupid gimmicky hype bearings out of the water like a shot crocodile.




If you really had my bearings and they actually went bad I would have replaced them.
I have a 100% guarentee policey.
Send me the paypal info and I will replace them…

(Jei Cheetah) #17

Thanks for the offer, I actually got them in yoyos that I had traded for at contest, and both of them went bad after about a days worth of play, I tried lubing them but it didn’t help as they just had this strange rubbing sound in them and would hardly spin after a while, so I ended up just giving them to someone and got standard bearings for those throws.

It just seemed odd that on 2 different occasions, the exact same issue happened.



Sure OK…I believe you now…


Well, I’m doing some inventory of my new goodies, so I’m going to be ordering some bearings soon.

I can’t really say how loud or quiet they are. My DM2 has that notorious loose cap, but I don’t really mind it. The volume is the same with the half-spec, YY Speed bearing and the Terrapin X Wing-cut bearing I lke in there. I got some CLYW’s that definitely aren’t on factory stock bearings, so those are getting replaced for sure.

I notice more than anything, the design of the yoyo seems to have more of an affect on the volume than anything else. Most of my yoyos have a cone-type outside, which acts a natural amplifier. My Die-Nasty, which seems to have a fairly firm cap, actually seems quieter. For the most part, I don’t really care as long as thigns are otherwise working properly.


I dont know about bearings made to be quiet but the KK bearing in my Asia Edition 888 is dead silent (might be the yoyo though). It’s been naturally broken in with over 1000 hours of use. Dead silence and dead unresponsive. All of my dif-e-yo KK bearings are really quiet. Specifically the Size A bearings.