I like my bearings noisey?

I can’t stand when my bearings spin dead silent. You can’t tell how fast your yoyo is spinning, or how much spin time you have left. And it just seems like I can control my combos so much better if my bearing has a little buzz comming off of it. Can anyone relate to this or am I a weird-o? Lol

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Me too !

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I do like the smoothness of an OD 10 ball in a vibe-free throw. But, I completely agree, it’s so much easier to gauge how much spin is left, so I enjoy using clean but noisy bearings.

I was always after the quietest possible bearing until I found myself with a truly dead silent one. And that was taking it too far, as it turned out.

I like a gentle and consistent noise. What I mean by consistent is that it doesn’t have an oscillating rattle that makes it sound like one of the balls is defective. It can make noise, but I want it to be a smooth noise, if that makes sense. :wink:

All that said, I do NOT like my bearings noisey. I like them quiet. (just not dead quiet)

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I suppose I’m the only one that likes ninja quiet bearings. I just know when I’m hitting low RPM.

Yeah, I suppose I’m more of the “gentle” noisy type. I like the smooth hissing type of bearing. OD’s 10 balls have this when they’re completely dry, but it’s almost too quiet. A couple of my Buddha Ceramic Whipples have struck an awesome balance of a hiss that’s smooth and just loud enough where I like it.

I’m telling you, you haven’t played this one setup I had. People talk about quiet, and they don’t know. They just don’t know! It took the NSK, lightly lubed, to hit that actual zero-decibel level. And it was a little bit too weird. Impressive in the way that really smooth yoyos are also impressive, so fun in that regard as well… but then ultimately. “OK, enough of this.”

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A brand new OD 10 ball, freshly cleaned, lightly lubed, and put in my Cypher was way too quiet and smooth. The only sound that was perceptible was string rubbing while doing tricks.

Didn’t like that at all, so now the Cypher gets my noisiest CT bearing. Even then, it’s still quieter than some of my other throws. I think something about the shape must dampen bearing noise, at least for my Cypher.

I will throw that setup together if I’m going to be showing my throws to new people though, because it’s great for getting the “is that thing still spinning?!” type reactions.

i like the nice sewing machine bearing that have just a hint of noise so i can yoyo into the night and my parents not know about it.

Lubed and silent for me, if possible.

I like those too

In fact, the only bearings I don’t like are the screeching loud ones.

I’ve had bearings lock up on me and not spin at all, so if a bearing doesn’t make any noise, that’s what i’ll think it is. I really want to try your set up just to get that feeling, but I don’t think I could handle more than an hour of it.

It’s eerie! The closest I’ve been is with a broken in and lubed OD 10-ball, but even that wasn’t as quiet as this NSK.

Couldn’t handle it.

Quiet = mucho good.

Damn weird-o!! :slight_smile: lol jk :smiley:

Give me a silent bearing any day so I can throw while I’m on the phone or late at night when my better half is trying to sleep. :smiley:

yeah I like mine with some noise too but I still lube my yo-yos so They can last longer life Span so I spend less money on bearings.

I quit using wet lube completely. I mostly use ceramic, but when I use steel I only use terrapin dry lube treatment

I like mine quiet as possible. I know how fast my yoyo is spinning by how it feels on the string and plays.

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Getting a one drop T1 for my birthday got me addicted to it. It was my first experience with an OD 10-ball and I loved it. Freshly cleaned and lightly lubed, nearly dead silent with the only real sound being these light little dings when the string flcks accross the ridges of the projection profile. Ok I’m gonna go play it now. Bye.