Silent but deadly

I just put my one drop ten ball and some thick Metz string on my dm2 and it was absolutely silent. I almost thought it wasn’t spinning. Then I thought maybe it was just spinning slow so I binded and almost ripped my finger right off my hand. It was the tightest quickest bind I ever was a part of lol. I took the stock bearing out as soon as I bought it so I don’t remember how it played and if it was this quiet. When I say it was silent I mean it was dead silent. There is no possible way to describe how quiet it was. Now this is really throwing me for a loop cause I threw my dm2 with 100% polyester string last week and it was nice but not like this. It’s playing like a totally different yoyo. Anyone experience this before, any tips, and should I be semi complaining or am i lucky lol?

This is very common for a 10 Ball… I prefer a quiet bearing… My 10 Balls are all VERY silent… If not DEAD silent… Most times you can tell by the spin of the yoyo that its got good momentum or it is slowing… Just a feel thing… But yea I know the feeling of a yoyo that feels like it is not spinning (I love it) a lot od people do not like it though…

I like loud so you know when it’s dying and to bind

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yeah me too. Plus, the grindy noise I find kind of relaxing and lulling.

I don’t mind bearing noise as long as it doesn’t make that buzz saw noise while the yoyo is moving around. I hate that so much.

Ok cool I don’t mind it being so quiet but it is def gunna take some getting used to. My next sort of issue is the crazy fast and tight bind. I like it but I don’t want to go back to my usual 100% polyester and have every bind attempt slip if that makes sense. It is just so ideal that anything else is gunna suck lol

Hence the reason that (for me) bi-metal yoyos and well substandard machined yoyo’s just do not cut it anymore (for me)… When you throw something so quiet and smooth (at the same time) it’s such a great thing…

When I read the title I thought of something passing gas…



I LOVE it when my bearings are that silent. I have a General-Yo AIGR that’s nearly dead-silent in my Capless right now.

However, I’ve found that my 10-balls are only THAT silent when they’re fairly well lubed, which makes them too responsive for my taste. Not saying that will be everyone’s experience, just that it’s mine. That doesn’t mean my 10-balls aren’t quiet… they are definitely quiet. But they’re not “is this thing spinning?” quiet unless they’re overly (for my tastes) lubed.

I do appreciate louder bearings for the audible cues (as jack mentioned) but I can’t deal with the sound for too long at a time. I already have some tinnitus, and I fear that the constant hiss will cause other stuck cilia and make my tinnitus worse. :wink: That’s also the reason I use DryPlay on select bearings. It creates a distinct hiss that I can’t handle when I’m yoyoing in my quiet house at night.

Me too, and I also hate the saw noise.

At first i went off the sound of the bearing as an indication to bind but i kind of stopped that. Only because when you hear that sound it means that the yoyo has decreased in speed and the bind could slip. Usually now when I’m throwing together a combo ill do trick after trick until the yoyo stops and ill pick and choose what can fit within the time limit including a bind. If its spin time is 50 seconds, ill cram as much as I can in 40 sec so I’m not sacrificing a strong bind.

Last time I heard the phrase, “Silent but deadly”, it was referring to cutting the cheese.
Anyway, I have had silent bearings, and I just watch the yoyo to see how fast it is spinning. I like quiet bearings, I can use them at night, and not wake everyone up.

I like it, but I don’t like it. Silence is much better than the “buzz saw” sounds that can show up from time to time out of some bearings. I like it on the edge of silent. Just a little bit of buzz. ::slight_smile: