I've decided...i HATE quiet bearings

The only quiet bearing i have is the kk on my Eneme…it is whisper quiet and butter smooth. and my coworkers were thankful when i got it! But i’ve gotten so used to listening to the yoyo to see when i should bring it back up that my eneme will die on me and i’ll have no clue! I wasn’t going to clean it…i have now changed my mind… :slight_smile:

the quietness takes a bit of getting use to but if your bearing works smooth, I would not clean it.


I don’t really care but I prefer quiet bearings.

Get used to it, and get over it.

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I LOVE quiet bearings.

Play with the yoyo more. Soon you’ll be pick up on how much longer the yoyo is going to spin by reasons other than sound.

I don’t care how loud or quiet it is, I just want it to run smoothly!

You learn to not depend on the sound to know when to bind it with a quiet bearing.

I like when my yoyo sings to me!

Seriously…“yoyoexpert” or not…keep the negative stuff out of my threads.

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If you’re competing or in noisy environments, the bearing noise is going to get lost in the ambient noise anyways, so best to learn to make do. I agree that smooth is better than LOUD. Plus, if you’re throwing around co-workers, not everyone appreciates all the noises around them: Mean phone calls, bodily functions, annoying phone ring tones, noisy yoyos…

Now, my ONE is LOUD. The shape acts as a natural amplifier, regardless of what kind of bearing I put in there, it’s loud. Same bearing in my DM2, it’s quiet.

I’d prefer a little bit of noise, but in my environment at home, my kids are a source of never ending noise, so there’s no point in a noisy bearing to help me know when to recall the yoyo. Kids screaming and fighting is “bad noise”.

I love loud bearings but smooth sounding bearings they sound sick too

yo, dea’ wit’ it bruh.

No negativity here.
And either way.
Don’t tell me to do something.


I remember when you were friendly. :frowning:

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Im one of the friendliest Griffons you will ever meet actually.
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And either way.
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Thanks for the laugh, very entertaining to see you come to that conclusion of a post.

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