Am I the only one who likes noisy bearings?

Just love hearing my bearings sing!

I like it too but my family hates it

I’m fine with a cheery ring but if it’s too loud it just gets to me.

Can’t stand quiet bearings.

i love noisy bearings but my mom certianly doesnt :stuck_out_tongue:

i hate soundless bearings

i luv noisy because it seems to spin longer, and I like the thunk at the end of the string. parents hate so i have to put a drop of lube on when i yoyo late into the night

I like noisy bearing too.
kinda tell me how much spin time i got left.
like the yoyo tell me; “hey, I’m here, spining like crazy, lets do the trick!”

but some of my bearing are quiet, and that is also OK.

yep it’s got to be noisy, it’s actually very relaxing after a long day at work but if it’s really loud it’s just annoying

I dislike quiet bearings, I’m more of a fan of those that make some noise. :slight_smile:

cant stand quiet bearing GOSH I HATE SPEC BEARING THEY WONT BE LOUD got my yuuksta it has a spec cant hear a thing it gets me so mad

I really dont mind loud bearings but my parents and my brother dont really like it.

I don’t mind it as long as it works.

However, my yoyo has had death threats from my sister due to a slightly, and by slightly I mean YYJ slightly, loud bearing, and I swear to her it’s like ringing a church bell 1ft away from her ;D

i too dislike soundless bearings so i run almost all bearings dry… i like the sound they make ;D

quiet bearings on a hspin gorylla i seriously cant tell if its spinning or not

well I don’t mind loud bearing and quiet bearing, I think they are the same but there is something I want to ask when I put my KK bearing on my hitman it is noisy but when I put it in my hitman pro it is so quiet, why is that?

Personal preference here, I prefer a lightly lubed bearing. They play smoother.

Also, that sound you hear w/loud bearings is generally metal on metal grinding itself away.

I like the noise they make. It can be kinda stress relieving for me (yes I’m weird). :smiley:

same here ;D

I HATE quiet bearings and i love super loud bearings and lucky for me my mom loves the sound too so i dont get yelled at for being annoying. lol