Quiet Throw?


So my parents constantly complain about the noise of my throws and I was wondering what your guys’ most quiet throws are




The Rally is very quiet.


that’s my primary throw and they still complain :joy:


My TooHOT with a CTX


Odd that they are complaining about the noise of the Rally…that is so quiet. But, the good news is, if he wants a Too H.O.T., they just restocked it.


yea maybe they just don’t like the noise? But I’ll check the Hot out. How is it? I’ve heard some good reviews


sOMEThING Addiction

I got 3 of them, and I must say I can barely hear any of them.


My SPYY orbitron is quiet all I heard is it coming up to my hand.


My rally is pretty noisy no matter what bearing I put in there. Of course loud is relative. It’s not like it’s thumping music or something. Funny your parents would complain about something so quiet compared to all the other noisy things you could be doing. Music, video games, fighting with siblings etc. I hope you don’t want to learn to play a musical instrument. They should be happy you’re learning something active.

But maybe you can get a new yoyo out of it. I’ve noticed that different bearings are quiet or softer. My centered bearings are louder. Except for my konkave. That one is silent. My rally still makes noise with it though. But less. In my level 6 it’s silent.


I think my Rally is the loudest I own in all honesty, no matter the bearing. Quietest would probably be Burnside with Supernova/Omnicron X tied for second. I think next would be my throw monkey which has jaw rattling vibe but stays quiet somehow. Magic!


Yea I’ll definitely look in to the throws you guys are mentioning. Thanks for all the help :slight_smile:


Any of my throws with a clean OD 10ball are all really quiet. You might have a little bit of string fuzz in the bearing. Trying giving it a really thorough clean and dry it good. I never lube my 10ball bearings and they all run really quiet still. Maybe use a little lube to try and quiet your down if needed.


My profly is pretty quiet :smiley:


De-shield and clean your bearing thoroughly. Add a tiny amount of OD lube and it will be much more quiet.

My wife HATES dirty bearing squeal so I am constantly perfect ways to rapidly clean and silence my bearings.

My method is to clean the bearing with acetone, add a full drop of OD lube and then throw the yoyo with the bearing to spread the lube around. Take the bearing back out of the yoyo and blow it out with an air compressor to removed extra oil. This process takes about 5 minutes start to finish and ends with a silent smooth bearing that is almost as unresponsive as a dry bearing.

BTW my Cliff was the quietist throw I had.


This. All about the bearing


Sorry to jump into this kind of late, but it’s just a yoyo! I don’t understand people who have this problem. That being said it seems very common and I feel so bad for people with family/loved ones who are irritated at bearings being too loud.


If its to loud,
play in the garage
or in yur room where mom n dad cant hear


As a few others have mentioned, a properly applied, small amount of lube will quiet the bearing and not affect spin time appreciably.


My technique is pretty close to Jon’s, and I’ll add my voice to the “it’s about the bearing” advice. Don’t worry about a “quiet yoyo” until you figure out how to make your bearings quiet.