Quiet YoYos


So I’m looking for a nice quiet throw that plays pretty nicely. I personally don’t mind a little noise but it’s getting on my mom’s last nerve so I need something quiet to throw while she’s around :smiley: My price range is $100 or below. I’m pulling for the onedrop 54, Ive heard it’s fairly quiet and it uses side effects, something I have yet to try out… Any other suggestions? Thanks :slight_smile:


Have you also looked at 10 ball bearings? I have one and it is pretty quiet compared to the other bearings I have.


Yeah, basically anything (besides the Madhouse Epic) with a 10 ball in it will be really quiet. In general, I’ve noticed OD throws to be espescially quiet. The 54, Code 1, Code 2, and Chik are all great choices.


I’ve been looking at some of the 3yo3 yoyos lately, and a couple of the reviews said that their acrylic throws were very naturally quiet.


If you normally run your bearings dry, the #1 thing you can do to reduce noise is use a lightly lubed bearing (OD 10-ball is a great choice; I find the Gen-Yo AIGR or Twisted Trifecta nice and quiet, too).


When my Burnside is lubed, I can’t hear it at all. It actually bothers me, so I run my bearing dry most of the time. >.<’

I’m sure most One Drops are similar, but since I’m a fan of the Burnside, I’d recommend the Chik just for the Side Effects. :slight_smile:

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General Yo’s when you first get them.


lol. Any metal yoyo with a lubed bearing will be pretty much silent.


Try applying light lubricant to your bearing as mentioned. That should silence your yo-yo. Just don’t apply too much.


A yoyo is just 2 lumps of metal. Spun on their own they will make little noise outside a slight resonance.

It’s the bearing that makes all the noise, so it’s the bearing you need to look at. As NathanC pointed out, pretty much any well lubed bearing will be nearly silent.

Grab a 10 ball bearing, and stick some lube in it. Problem solved.

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Yeah, OD 10-ball bearings are the quietest. As far as a dimpled bearing, I suggest Buddha bearings. They’re really quiet too.


I only got 1 10-ball left, and it’s out of stock on yye, anywhere else i can get some in the meantime?

And I was just seeing if there was a yoyo that makes it seem even quieter… My mom really hates the noise :stuck_out_tongue:


Since the yoyo amplifies the sound of the bearing, anything with thin walls, large diameter, and a cup shape in theory has more potential to be louder.

Denser yoyos like the C3 Capless and SPYY Pro don’t seem to amplify the sound of bearings very much. I find the Avant Garde does some amplification, but not a whole bunch. All in all, the lube is the important thing.

I can’t really think of ANY metal yoyos that “greatly” amplify the sound of a bearing, so my theory is just that-- a theory that is waiting to be disproven. :wink:

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My catalyst makes any bearing louder than a truck…


The Sine//Saw is pretty quiet. But that could just be because I just got it and it’s not broken in… So who knows.


Your theory is disproven by the Theory. The Theory is very, very loud. It’s the only yoyo I can think of that is louder than normal though.


Are you sure it’s the Theory, or is it that YYJ Speed bearing? Those things are LOUD. >.<’


It’s the Theory. Those Celcon caps are what does it.