Inherently Quiet Throws

I was playing with my CLYW Cliff and noticed that it was quieter then my other throws. I thought the bearing was the reason. I put the bearing into my OD 54 and the bearing from the 54 into the Cliff. The 54 was loud and the Cliff was still silent no matter which bearing was in it.

I speculate that the weight ring and shape of the Cliff reduces the effect of ringing that the bellshaped 54 naturally has. My Summit also seems to be rather loud no matter what bearing I run in it.

Of course the noise doesn’t bother me. As long as the yoyo plays fun I could care less! My wife on the other hand has decreed that only the Cliff can be played in the same room as her. LOL

Are there other yoyo’s out there that just seem to run quieter? I am asking about metals only. :slight_smile:

You said metals only, but the Rally came to mind as a very quiet yo-yo.  If I was yo-yoing around people and wanted to keep it down, that throw comes to mind.

If you haven’t seen this thread, you might want to give it a read too:,52160.msg523727.html#msg523727

Edit:  Just thought of one…Oxy 9.06, super quiet.


My Gen Yo M10s are both whisper quiet, ditto my CODE 2 when I still had the stock 10-ball in it.


My metals seem to be quiet depending on the bearing. The shutter for example is pretty quiet with a 10-ball and louder and ‘hissy’ with a CT… A 10-ball in my cascade is nearly silent (I gotta check if it’s spinning sometimes ;)) and a CTX is barely loud enough to hear over normal ambient noise.

My DM2 is LOUD! You can hear that thing over the TV if someone is playing it outside!

You’ve inspired me to experiment some though. I’d like to see what happens if I put a 10-ball in the DM2, and maybe put the YYJ speed bearing in the cascade…

I usually find centertrac bearings to be fairly loud, but the Proton has been fairly quiet with its stock centertrac. Just a low hum.

Any new onedrop ive ever used was DEAL SILENT on first throw.

My orbitron 5000 is fairly quiet. The only thing your really hear is me catching the Yoyo.

Summit. Out of the box that is. And when lubed.

My m10 is silent and so is my prestige. Quietest yoyos I own

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Every genesis I’ve played was quiet. My stacked Catalyst is loud, and I don’t have any stacks on.

Studio42 says the 54 is probably his quietest yoyo ::slight_smile:

Any one drop straight out of the box.

H5XChief is the most silent(and smooth)thing ever, original Gnarwhal and Gnarwhal 2 are super silent too.

Valor all the way!
(Yes, I have a Valor. Not kidding.)

My M10 is not that quiet. What bearing do you have in it?

All my yoyos are loud. No. Wait. Those are my groans of frustration.

I don’t know about inherently quite, but 95% of the time I can’t even tell my Burnside is spinning. Even if I hold it up to my ear, all I hear is wind. lol.

I went through and lubed all of my throws a lot heavier then I usually do. They are all super quiet now, albeit a slight bit responsive. I don’t mind though. I am still impressed that even with a dry bearing the cliff was almost as quiet as a with a heavily lubed bearing!

Well also how much of it do you guys think it is the bearing?

Because I’ll swapped a buddah ripple bearing out of my silent prestige and put a ct in and it is loud