Inherently Quiet Throws

I’d say 70-80% is the bearing. Maybe even more.

Someone said the burnside is super quiet and I have to agree. Mine was dead silent for months after I got it… In a trade.

I put the same bearing and string in all of my yoyo’s. Shape made a difference in how loud it was. The Cliff was the quietest. The Summit was the loudest. My Yelets and Sakura where about equal and where somewhere between the Summit and Cliff noise wise. My 54 was just a little louder then the Yelets but not as loud as the 54. This testing was done with a dry Ceramic Whipple. After lubing everything up extra thick they all spin much more quiet.

Not a very scientific test since I had no way to monitor actual noise level other then my ears. :slight_smile: Just an observation based upon my own experiences.

The YYF Genesis I use to own was absolutely dead silent with any bearing in it other than a semi broken one.