Quietest yo-yos?

I’ve been meaning to open a topic on this and Mr. Smiley of the Pants made me think of it again:

What makes a yo-yo quiet, and how? I have a few thoughts. First, material. The material the yo-yo is made of has a big effect:

  • Plastic is more resonant and louder than Aluminum.
  • Delrin is a little quieter (because it is denser, I think) but still has that plastic sound to it.
  • Hybrid plastic with metal rings is almost always the loudest there is because that adds to the resonance of plastic – see Overthrow for an extreme example
  • Titanium as a monometal isn’t loud per se but “sings” so it isn’t exactly quiet. Bimetal titanium does not sing nearly as much so if you want the quietest titanium, you want a bimetal.
  • Very large aluminum yo-yos tend to ring a bit, e.g. Sasquatch 2018, Big Boi

Also the bearing has a big impact on noise in play, as you’d expect:

  • If you like quiet, you definitely want a lightly lubed bearing and not a totally dry one.
  • Certain bearing brands may be “smoother” and thus quieter than others
  • But some bearings are inherently more noisy than others, even from the same batch and brand, there seems to be a fair bit of variance

I’d say if you want a quiet yo-yo… go for a normal sized monometal aluminum, and swap in the quietest lightly lubed bearing you have in your collection. And avoid plastics and hybrids at all costs :wink:


I imagine cup design has to play a roll too, along with material and bearing. The Top Deck for example, the cup almost amplifies the noise of the bearing. I have never played a Ti yoyo, but at it’s quietest, the Top Deck “sings” too.


Yeah thickness throughout is desired to reduce resonance. So even with aluminum you’d want a yo-yo that has kinda “all thick” sections, and not extreme thin-ness?

Also I was thinking an undersized Al might be the quietest of all because it’s THICC throughout to get the proper weight in a small size.

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And for the record, the N12 is THE quietest yoyo I have played. It’s crazy. No joke, I can’t hear it spinning. No subtle metallic shhhhhh, nothing. Literally dead silent. It is the yoyo I play at night time so as not to disturb the Mrs. Smileypants. It’s actually kind of incredible.

I’ve always found plastic the be quiet as it tends to deaden the sound. Some of my aluminums have a bit of a ring, especially a couple of thinner wall SPYY models, and I think the aluminum amplifies the sound. The biggest source of noise is the bearing.


I’ve never found any plastics to be particularly quiet, but you’re definitely right that some metal yo-yos are noisier than others.

And the overthrow is just crazy loud. It is literally the loudest yo-yo I own, and I own… a lot…

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I know I’m biased, but the 2018 eH is pretty hush.


Yeah I didn’t even cover wood, but due to people using super thick amounts of it, I would say it is fairly quiet. Not really a fair comparison unless you have a bearing based wood on hand though. I do have one that @Glenacius_K made for me!

I put my NSK bearing in my Moose and it makes no sound at all

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With a lubed (responsive) bearing, I can definitely report that the Sage and the SFX are both as silent as plastic gets.

I also found that with a lubed (unresponsive) bearing, the Format:C and the Prime8 are virtually silent, only the slightest hint of a whirrrrr sound. But that’s just because, well, air resistance!


Quietest yoyo I’ve ever had was a One Drop Markmont Next with a lubed 10 ball bearing. No sound to it. Makes sense, thick walls don’t ring as much.

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Just wondering how many?

My alleycats and deep state are super quiet


I’m still wanting one-of the two

I find delrin yoyos with lubed bearings to be quite quiet.


Nine dragons :rofl: That thing makes a tremendous racket.

Seriously though, my edge beyond is so quiet it throws me off. From its design I would never expect it to be so quiet. My opyoyo 543 is super quiet also, they happen to be my only throws that have that NSK bearing.


Very high quality bearings (consistency!) are definitely a plus.

Your upgraded bearing should be in the mail this week. It should stay quiet for longer

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Thanks! That 543 amazes me every time I pick it up. After mentioning it earlier, I had to pick it up and throw it again.

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My MYY Y01 Node is dead quiet, to a surprising degree in fact! I’ve not had it that long and I am half expecting it to end soon what with it being a cheap yoyo and cheap bearing and everything. I’ll be very happy if it proves otherwise however :slight_smile: