Am I the only one...

Hey guys, I just noticed this recently. But i like loud yoyos?..
I dont know, I dont like my yoyos too silent. I like the noise that they make.

Am I the only one who likes loud yoyos?

Yup your the only one.

I like the soft ‘whirrr’ noise they make, but I hate when they get to loud

i like the sound of a yoyo to a point but when a bearing is so loud that it hurts your ears or makes other people uncomfortable that is where i draw the line.

it doesnt matter to me! :slight_smile:

maybe it’s 'cause you’re an extrovert.

for an introvert, such as myself - i prefer a quieter throwin’ experience (w/ zeppelin iv cranked up to 10 in the background ;))



Agreed. I haven’t had the chance to do it yet, but for some reason the idea of throwing to Misty Mountain Hop seems like it’d be so fun to me.

Louder bearings help me know when my yoyo is dying

A bearing is a bearing to me. I’ve never had one too loud. And never complained about one too quiet. Although quiet bearings have a sort of mystifying effect on me. I am used to loud yoyos and the Cut I am currently throwing took me by surprise as to how silent it is.

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i like loud ones because it is very easy to tell when the spin is about to die but i like the quiet ones better :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m undecided.

When I watch the training videos here, when Andre throws it down you can really here it spinning. I can tell by ear if I’ve got enough spin going or not. That’s a mean spin going!

Later on when I get better, I will definitely want things quieter. But for now, I use that as a judge of speed.

Mmmm I don’t think so… I’m pretty darn introverted, but I can’t stand quiet bearings

I like the broken-in sound, not super quiet, not super loud. I like my broken in YYF bearings. My first 10ball got super loud so i lubed it, my others have never gotten that loud.


I personally like my bearings loud. Not really for spin but when I go to a crowded place throwin a loud yoyo catches more attention. Like you don’t want to start throwin and have people go like

“who is that quiet dude in the corner yoyoing?”

No you want them to be like

“Oh my Gosh who is that SEXY BEAST? Who also demands attention and is modest enough but is cool enough to let you try the yoyo but not be a jerk when you bang it on the ground.”

But I guess it’s all preference… I mean if you think being quite is better then your’e really missin out on being a sexy beast…

High Five Brother from another Mother ;B

I like them either really loud, or dead silent. If there’s just a tiny amount of noise, I try to do everything I can to stop it. If it’s incredibly loud and people make me leave the room to yoyo, then I make sure it stays that way.

Personally I like a mid noise sound like the one a Dv888 makes.

I like a mid tone yoyo the nice buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. But to the point that i know that its is dying on the string.