Is it just me?

Ok ik it sounds weird but I like loud gritty bearings in my smooth throws and smooth quiet bearings in my vibey or. Non dead smooth throws. Is it just me?

It’s just you. I like my throws as quiet as humanly possible.

Yeah same here. I like quiet, dead smooth yoyos.

Personally for me I find throwing a dead smooth yoyo with no cues as to when it is going to die a bit weird. But that may be because I started yoyoing back in 1998 when most all of the yoyos had some vibe or noise and it felt more like you were fighting the yoyo instead of working with it too get tricks down.

But I must say working with a dead smooth yoyo is quite the experience.

I’m with you. Let’em sing.

It’s just you two, then. :wink:

Nah, JK. It’s common to want to hear a bit of bearing noise. You’re probably the only person I’ve heard of who likes them gritty, though .

Don’t mind the noise so much as long as they’re smooth enough to not disrupt play.


What really puts me off more is being so used to that minimal vibration up the string telling my finger when the yoyo is about to die, and then not having that anymore. Phantom vibe, man. Phantom vibe.

I enjoy quiet smooth bearings in all my throws

its just you i try and get my bearings so quit that you cant here them at alll ;D ;D ;D ;D

I actually like some noise in my bearings… Unless my parents are around… they hate the noise… So I need something like a brand new one drop 10-ball bearing to not irritate them xD

I like the kind of bearings that spin.


But if your bearings quit you won’t be able to yoyo.