so i got a dang recently… the bearing was already broken in and was nice and quiet, so no need to clean it right? Well i dropped it on the floor and got some gunk in it so i cleaned it out with acetone and then added some V4M lube and the thing is quieter than my breath… seriously I cant even hear it spinning when im doing tricks. Are 10 balls normally like this? I have a 10ball in my MN and that thing is about twice as loud, and it’s cleaned and lubed the same way.

If it’s like most 10 balls i’ve played the silence might be fleeting…

My Code 2’s bearing was like that for a while. Then it started getting louder. I should probably clean it soon. It seemed kind of weird when it was dead silent. I was used to a louder bearing and it was like I almost had to make an adjustment.

My Burnside’s 10 Ball is dead quiet. It speaks up once in a while and if it doesn’t go away quickly, I’ll clean it and/or drop a drop of lube in it. When it is clean and happy, you can’t even hear it. I’ve had people ask if it was really still spinning while in a sleeper.

yeah my 10ball with od v4m thin lube is dead silent for a good long time.

I like it when my bearings are invisibly quite. Adds to the whole ghost thing. Quite room and yoyo flying around and no sound . Its kinda spooky. Hehehe ;D

In my experience, different bearings do tend to have different noise levels. Centertracs proving to be the loudest in my experience. Though I do recall 10-Balls being especially quiet. Sometimes it just seems like luck though. Like theres no rhyme or reason to it. Be grateful for it while it lasts. It will become noisy eventually. :wink:

My quitest yoyo was my MANimal. Dead silent bearing, no vibe, no indication whatsoever that it was spinning…it was really weird.

My old Axiom was the all time loudest yoyo I ever owned. And then a few weeks later, it was the quietest I’d ever owned. Same bearing. Strange things we have in this world…

Most my ten balls are like that. I actually havent cleaned the one I have in my Musket chief and I’ve owned it since november. Still dead quiet and completely unresponsive!