Burnside - loud?

Just got a Burnside, and it’s a little louder than I was expecting, definitely louder than my Dark Magic II.

It’s also my first metal yoyo - is this just to be expected a little bit? Does the 10 ball bearing get quieter as it breaks in?

Out of 5 new One Drops I’ve had, every 10 ball was dead silent out of the box. That includes the Burnside. I do find that bearings sometimes tend to quiet down after they’re played some, though others may actually get louder as the factory lube dries out. You could always lube the bearing to get it quiet, just comes at the cost of reducing spin time a bit and making the throw more responsive until it wears down.

That said, each bearing is a little different and sometimes you get a louder one no matter what yoyo you’re buying. I have three different kk’s and each one sounds different. As long as the spin time seems good then you might just have to live with the volume of your particular bearing.

It’s entirely possible that I’m just not used to what metal yoyos sound like.

Anyone with a One Drop and a Dark Magic or Phenomizm that can compare how loud they are?

I typically find the bimetals to be louder, but a dry bearing can sometimes make a pretty good amount of noise. I’d suggest that you hit that 10-ball bearing with a drop of thin lube and see if that quiets it down.

I got my hands on an extra 10 ball. I swapped it out, and the noise went down literally a factor of 10 or more.

Good grief. Definitely the bearing, not the yoyo.

Is this the sort of thing you send back to where you got it, or is there just likely nothing wrong?

Glad to hear it was just the bearing. :slight_smile: Hitting it with a drop of lube may very well solve the issue. If that doesn’t work, I’d give it a cleaning, and then hit it with lube. If that doesn’t work, and you bought it new, contact the shop you got it from or One Drop (onedropyoyos@gmail.com) to get things squared away.

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I think it depends on the spin time. I doubt any seller would take you seriously if the only complaint was noise. They can’t really control your experience with the bearing so long as it performs as it should. Sometimes dry bearings are just really loud. But, if you spin it with your finger in the bearing seat and it seems to be binding up at some point and stopping, or the yoyo is incredibly responsive with it in, you might be able to make a claim about the performance and get a replacement.

It feels noticeably rough (I can feel a little bit of grinding), and is loud, and noticeably more responsive.

I’m not sure the spin time is that much shorter, however, so I’ll have to do a side by side comparison. It’s not the end of the world, since a $7 bearing isn’t a huge deal, but it’s $7 I’d rather not throw away if I can’t fix it.

Pop the shields off and give it a proper cleaning…

Use whatever you use for cleaning, and maybe hit it with some compressed air just to be sure you blow out any little dust, usually what makes the noise - keeps a ball from rolling.

OR grab a can of Electrical Cleaner (search the forum for it) get it at Lowes, it’ll clean and spray out the junk. After that you’re good to go - no lube needed…

I’d take that to the seller. As you said, it’s a 7 dollar bearing, so if I were the seller I might figure it’s worth sending another to keep you happy if you have legitimate concerns about the bearing performance, especially if you have another 10 ball as a reference. Might not work but it’s free to try.

Okay, something about this has to be me.

My second bearing became like the first one after a night of play.

Went from 25-28 seconds spinning per flick to 8, and feels noticeably grittier. I didn’t even unscrew the yoyo at any point in the night (a first for me, btw), so I don’t see how I could’ve done anything wrong. The bearing was totally seated (obviously, or it wouldn’t have played so well all night).

Any thoughts on what could be going on? I thought I read that these bearings sometimes need to break in, or be cleaned.

I’m going to try lubing them a bit and see if that helps.

It could be dirty. Anything could be in there. Pocket lint, dog fur, etc.

I would clean it real good and put a drop of thin lube in it.

That should take care of the problem.

I would say that it is breaking in because my 10 ball did this to when I first got the then it eventually quieted down and went back to being smooth. I recommend playing with it for awhile or if that doesn’t work clean it and put small drop of lube or you could just play it dry.

Dont remove the shields.

Just drop a swip of thin lube, spin it, and good to go.

Even if it still makes noise, don’t worry about it. Noise is better than zero noise (non spinning bearing).



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Yeah, I’m not going to throw a yoyo this loud.

Nor am I okay with a bearing that spins for less than 10s on a flick.

What? Why would a bearing ever need to spin for 10 seconds on it’s own? Just add a little lube and it should be fine.

Secureboot, please contact me via PM about selling me your Burnside. It appears to me that the yoyo may be defective and playing with it has been known in the state of California to cause cancer.

Ok seriously, don’t worry about the bearing noise. It will get a little louder as you break it in, but will not get any quieter if you remove the shields. The noise doesn’t bother me so I actually rip the shields off and give it a soak in paint thinner. Play the snot out of it before you write off. Less fretting, more throwing!

I bought a 5 pack of 10 ball OD bearings before. 2 of them are still semi loud but it does not affect their play. That is even after cleaning and lubing after some break in time… then later cleaning with electrical contact cleaner. I was a little concerned to start but got over it.

My Burnside has yet to start getting loud (what I consider break in time to where it then gets cleaned.) I am probably into 6 hours time on it now. My Dang did it in a couple hours play time. Cleaned and small touch of lube and all was good.

I de-shielded, cleaned, and lubed the bearings.

Now they’re much quieter, and quiet enough to throw inside. However, the spin time is significantly decreased. I know I put too much lube on them though, so I’ll chalk that up to user error and wait for the lube to break down a bit.