Question on bearings


I just got a new throw - OneDrop Dietz - which came with the OneDrop 10 ball bearing and it was extremely quite… talking almost sillent for the first few hours of me playing right out of the box and then a day later all of a sudden while in the middle of a trick it just got loud and rough sounding. Do I need to just add some thin lube or is there something wrong with this bearing? I assumed since it was brand new it shouldn’t need extra lube for a while but its far from silent anymore.


Silence is not always a good thing. Really it is your preference if you want it quieter then yes you will have to add some more lube (note: if you add to much lube it can make your yoyo responsive). But all that the noise means is that you have broken in the bearing. Some of my favourite bearings are LOUD. The noise is totally acceptable. If the play has not been negatively affected by the change in noise I would recommend leaving the bearing as is, but again your preference.



no, don’t do anything to the bearing. the bearing is just going thru its break in stage, play for a few more weeks.


Yup. This is completely normal in regards to One Drop bearings. Once the noise goes away(well, you’ll know what I mean), then clean the bearing, lube very lightly using your choice of lube(VM4 is your choice) and you’re good to go.


bearings go through stages of life, just as humans do. they have their quiet and loud moments. It’s just a part of bearings. Don’t worry about it unless it effects sleep time dramatically.


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same thing happened with my dietz.

Just play it and it’ll be alright.


Thanks for all the help and info -

It doesn’t affect the play of the yo-yo at all so I’ll not worry so much about it. Just wanted to play it safe and not ruin the bearing. I dont mind the noise it just happened to be a noticeable difference after a bit of throwing so it made me wonder.


I prefer my bearings fast and loud. Bone dry and screaming in agony. lol. 8)


Yup exactly

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