Possible problem with my brand new OD Dietz...

Hey all,

Just got my new OD Dietz in the mail! Just in time for my bday today. I unscrewed it to check it for flaws and the bearing came right off. It’s completely loose and free unlike my other yoyos where the bearing stays on one half, I think it’s called “seated”. Does anyone know if that is normal for this Yoyo or maybe a flaw? If you own a dietz or other ODs your insight would be great!


I can’t speak for OD or any other company, but I can say that in my brief time yoyoing, I’ve noticed some yoyos are tight to the bearing and some aren’t. If it plays fine, then don’t worry about it. Add a drop of VM4 to your 10-ball and go have some fun.


I command you to go throw for an hour and break in that new bearing!

I’m not currently interested in obtaining a Dietz. This isn’t to say I won’t change my position. I have a 54, MMN and a Code 1 and I can say that I’m very happy with these and the company has a very good impression in my eyes. I’d definitely consider their models in the future.


Does the bearing come dry? All I have is some YYJ thin lube. Is the V4M better?

you dont need to lube the bearing, but im pretty sure the YYJ thin lube and V4M are pretty much the same.
And no, there is nothing wrong with you dietz. some yoyos have looser bearing seats than other. Another one that I’ve encountered was the ILYY Wasabi

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Ok, now I’m about 15 minutes in to playing with it and the bearing started making a much much louder noise. Is that normal? I kinda guessed as it broke in it would get quieter… Sorry to seem like an idiot. This is by far my most expensive Yoyo and I just want to make sure it’s defect free. I have a DV888 that’s like a year old and it isn’t as loud as this.

Thanks for the help guys!

Bearing noise - it depends. Some will tend to get louder, especially if they are not lubed. Lubing it (lightly) will quiet it down. I think you have the new owner jitters. Just relax and play it. :wink:

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If you own a one drop yoyo, this video is well worth watching.

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I disagree. I think that while this video is very specific to One Drop side effects yoyos, this video contains GOOD information on the care of almost any yoyo. As such, this should be watched by as many people as possible.

It’s completely normal. Any Yoyo with side effects has a loose bearing seat due to the SEs. They are designed for ease of removal. Every side effect I have tried on my 54 has loose seats. Personally I don’t mind, just means I don’t have to use.pliers. it has no ill effects and I think that The design of the side effects creates a really smooth Yoyo, the 54 is the smoothest throw I have ever played… Don’t worry about it, its normal.
Hope this helps!

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