Got a yelets today and it started making LOUD noise after 30 minutes of play, I put in a yyj bearing and it worked fine. What’s the policy on this? Do I get a new bearing free or do I just deal with it? Thanks for the help.


Chances are there is nothing wrong with the bearing. Try maintaining it like you would any other bearing.
When you say loud did it have some other problem? or was it just loud?


just super loud, like a louder than plastic loud. I changed string, lubed it and everything. Whatdo I do? Because I know that OD ten ball bearings are not loud after only 30minutes of play…


I cannot hear this any more. CLEAN IT. Lube will just make a gooey loud bearing. You need to take all the junk crammed in the bearing and get rid of it. I’m sure there are a million tutorials on here, just make a quick search :wink:


but it’s a brand new yoyo and bearing. or is that your point exactly? ;D


Well I have honestly heard of lots of people that have had that direct experience with 10 balls.
A bearing getting loud seems to be fairly common, and normally with most bearing it comes and go’s.
If I was you I would just make sure there is nothing in the bearing that is not supposed to be then I would just ignore it.
You can always contact one drop and see what they have to say about it. They may have a cleaning process that will make it quiet, or may replace it who knows?


It’s a One Drop 10-Ball bearing. That’s what they do.

Keep playing it. It will take some time, but it’s breaking in. If it bothers you, add a half drop of thin lube. It could take a bit before the noise goes away. Play it like mad for a week, then clean the bearing out, lube to preferences and put it back in.


That happend to my OD bearing but it fixed by playing with it . Also happend when it was new (Sorry for bad english, isnt my native language)


PROBLEM RESOLVED. Thanks one and all! :slight_smile:


How was the problem solved? I would like to know.
For me, I just play until the noise goes away. I don’t even notice it until someone mentions it. I stopped cleaning my bearings, too lazy, only use lube.


I had one OD 10 ball that did that but it was before I knew bearing maintenance. Now they are always quiet. Every now and then they make some noise during break in but usually very quiet.


Yesh… Spazzy ten balls