One Drop Bearing noise question

Hi all, new to the forum (and mostly to yo-yos in the modern world).

I received my new One Drop Format C: yesterday and noticed the following:

Out of the box, the yoyo was almost silent, after a few minutes of play, it became audible, I added a single drop of V4M lube and the sound went away. One day later and it’s back. The yoyo also seems to be slightly more responsive than before, a hard tug can get it to return every 2 or 3 times where before this didn’t happen. Plastiwhips result in binding as well.

As this is my first experience with a higher end yoyo and One Drop in particular, does this sound normal?

Any information would be appreciated.

A very, VERY common experience with OD 10-ball bearings.

Although some people say they just work through that grinding screeching phase, I supplement that “breaking in” with cleaning the bearing. If you don’t know how to clean a bearing yet, no time like the present!

Mod and Maintenance list:,17792.0.html

I sometimes have to “break in” and clean an OD 10-ball two or three times before it finally stops being a pest. But sometimes once is enough. I’ve never owned one that required zero break-in time.


Yeah just got mine in as well and was working with it when all of a sudden it got real noisy. Scared the bejeebers out of me thinking I broke it somehow.

Will try and clean it to see if that helps.

Would this be the same thing with the CenterTrac on CLYWs? It was quite for a while, then got pretty loud, so I would have to clean it, right?

If it’s still playing fine, you don’t “have” to clean it; you can live with the noise. :smiley:

Any bearing of mine that breaks a certain noise threshold (which is low since I like quiet bearings) gets cleaned and lightly lubed.

But if performance doesn’t suffer, it’s totally a personal choice.

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Who would like to try a really good 10 ball bearing…

Raises hand but sadly I’ve tried them all and I’ve found I like the general-yo AIGR and the OD 10 Ball the best. I may have gotten a bad one from you fj (seems like I wasn’t the only one) but it definitely wasn’t a really good experience, I do love the graphite dry lube that terrapin offers though!

Yes perhaps you got a messed up ceramic, I never got it back to check it though.
I could send you a steel 10 ball Flat to try out if you like, free, as I only sell them for 6.50.
Let me know…

Any chance you’d send me one? I’ve tried just about every 10 ball except for terrapin.

On it’s way to you Monday…
Let me know what you think.

TX DryPlay lube is far from being graphite…


Oh wait, I just received 10 of them from you. Nevermind.

Gotta put them in some yoyos this week.

I would!

Funny… I sent you some rim weight inserts for the DTYY that came with the bearings.
Should get them in a day or two…Thanks

On it’s way to ya…

Thanks man! Want me to post a review?

I would also like to try one of these bearings if it’s not too much trouble.

So what would be the shipping cost to Antarctica?

I ahve been curious about your bearings! I have some of your dry lube, and I can say it works really well!
Are you willing to send me a sample?

Being that you are in Canada the cost of shipping is a bit much for a free TX bearing.