One Drop 10 ball

Anyone not like this bearing? It’s constantly on top of the polls. It just doesn’t do it for me. If I start using one, after a couple hours it gets loud and unresponsive and any cleaning or lubing technique won’t work. My last 2 I tried pre-lubing it (one drop of v4m) and it’s lasting longer but not spinning very long.

Am I missing something. I know this is supposed to be a great bearing but it just doesn’t work for me

What do you all think? Love it or hate it?

Well it’s supposed to get unresponsive if you don’t keep it responsive by lubing it. VM4 lube will make it responsive for a bit but eventually it will become unresponsive again. Also it will get louder as you play. Some bearings just do that. Also the more lube you add the shorter the sleep times will be “if” you are adding drops of lube.

Sorry, that was a typo. I meant it gets responsive. Some of mine have almost completely locked up and won’t spin freely at all. The ones I’m throwing now with one drop of v4m are no longer responsive, still quite, and not spinning for very long.

I’m just not sure what all the hype is about

That’s strange… I’ve never had any problems with mine. It’s my favorite bearing so far.

^^^ And you just use it straight out of the box? No lube or modding?

Without the sides on it, and sometimes I put a TINY bit of lube on it (with something sharp, like a pushpin) if it gets a little noisy.

Never happened with me either.

Never happened with me either.

Deja vu

10 balls, are quiet and smooth. Lubing a bearing makes it responsive. Clean the bearing, make sure there is no remaining solvent in the bearing, plug and play. It should play unresponsive.

And bearings with no lube may get loud, even a quiet 10 ball. Now here’s where the lube comes in.

If you apply the RIGHT amount of lube, it’ll be smooth, safe from wearing out too soon, and quiet.

I’d suggest you contact 1drop. However, for me, I have around 5, and none of them have ever done what you’ve described. I’ve purchased them almost a year ago though, so they may have changed the bearing. Anyways, how do you clean these bearings? For me, no cleaning, and just lubing, and they work well. Barely touch the ball with a pinpoint of lube, literally.

The 1st was my worst. I just took my 54 out of the box and started throwing. Then a couple hours in, it just clicked and became super responsive and loud. I tried deshielding and compressed air but it just wouldn’t spin much at all. I took it out and replaced it. I had ordered several 10 balls after reading such hype. The next one lasted a couple hours then did the same to a lesser degree but after ?'ing the forum. People just said it needed breaking in. It never became unresponsive again. Then I took a new one and deshielded it and put a big drop of v4m in it and it’s been ok. Quieter but not longer spinning then a spec. I still have both of the “bad” bearings. I’m gonna try min spirits andpin tip of lube to see if they can be salvaged. Just for the practice too.

That’s really weird… on the last bearing, I think you used too much lube, just a light spot. On the other ones… is there like metal shavings or something in the bearing? Maybe it rubbed itself out… however, playing a bearing dry should work for a lot longer than that… I still think you should ask 1drop for help.