One drop bearing issues?

Ok. So today I got my package from yye, and I opened it up, I took the clyw x or SUMMIT out, changed the ugly side effects for better ones, threw it 2 or 3 times, and now the bearing is responsive! Help please, I ordered some lube if all else fails

Lube will not fix the issue. It could actually made it worse.

Contact One Drop directly about your Side Effects change, and how they could have affected your product.


Doubt it’s the side effects. OD 10-ball bearings almost always do this in my experience. Some people just “play through it”.

Cleaning and then lightly lubing it should help.

OD10ball has a break in period, usually its 40 minutes- 4 hours of play

Actually, if your wording is an accurate description of ‘events’; then saying, ‘Now the bearing is responsive’; would be incorrect. Your brand new bearing in your brand new Yoyo; ‘is’ responsive. It didn’t just all of a sudden happen. It was most likely responsive before you took it out of the box.

I don’t want to be redundant; I will mainly say that Greg and Nikolai told you what you need to know.

…But, you can also try this, just to ‘see’. If you have another nice playing, fairly unresponsive C size, bearing Yoyo; put that bearing into the Summit. And put the 10 ball from the Summit into the other Yoyo. See how the other Yoyo plays with the new 10 ball. And then crank out some tricks on the Summit and see how responsive it plays with the other bearing.

If…‘if’ the Summit still plays really responsive with a bearing you know is unresponsive and fully broken in; than, the problem may have something to do with slightly grabby New response pads.

And most 10 balls and/ or most new bearings in general; need to be burned in a little to spin better. And realize that at the same time you are breaking in your new bearing; you are also breaking in the New response pads in the Yoyo.

Good luck… You have to put a good few hours on that Summit. And realize than there is no Rule sayin

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from my experience some of the one drop bearings just take longer to break in. I had no problems with all of the benchmarks and the T1 but randomly my rally took significantly longer to break in. my rally played semi responsive for quite some time despite cleaning the bearing multiple times. Give it some time and I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Like others have said already - It’s most likely the break-in period. Just play with it for a while; one trick we recommend is Gyroscopic Flop, It really helps stress the bearing and speeds up break-in time.

If the bearing continues to be responsive after a few hours of play just send us an email or give us a call and we can help you out.


Had this same problem a couple of weeks ago. After a few hours of play, and a bit of hand holding from yye, the bearing is performing to expectations. I did clean the bearing, though, as well.