54 playing responsively

I have a OneDrop 54 and love it. I’ve owned it for 2 weeks, about a week ago it started to play responsively. Plastic whip and popping it up for a thumb grind are taboo now. I ordered a new baring from OneDrop and put it in, but it still plays responsively. That leads me to believe its not the baring causing the trouble. Does anyone know why this could be happening? I love this yoyo…But my knuckles are starting to hate it.

It sounds like your bearings are simply breaking in. Most bearing turn responsive for a little while as the lube that came with them breaks in fully. OD 10 balls are among the longest to break in. If you don’t want to wait and play responsive, I’d suggest cleaning your bearing. it will get rid of the lube.

Bearing cleaning does it all. After cleaning the bearing, try it and see if it’s unresponsive. If it’s unresponsive, you can have two options now:
Lube it with two needle tip size of thin lube. So dip the needle in the lube, and when you take it out, there should be a tiny drop of lube hanging on the needle. Apply that to the bearing after cleaning. It’s your preference to see if you want one tiny drop or two.

Or, you could keep the bearing dry, but the bearing might freeze up or wear down more faster.

If your yoyo is still resonsive even without lube, then probably your response. But mostly, I bet, it’s your bearing problem.

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i agree with skeleton boy. Try replacing the pads and clean the bearing. Try everything, eventually you will find the problem and fix it. A lot of yoyos will have problems like this and you need to look at every aspect that may be effecting the response of the yoyo.

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Because 10 balls are the stupidest freaking bearings on the planet.

10 Balls are among one of the best bearings agreed by a majority of us. Another great bearing would be AIGR. 10 Balls are not stupid. The reason you may think this is because it takes longer the wear in. That’s no problem for me though.

10 ball bearings are way smoother then 8, I’d take 10 over 8 any day.