Having some response issues


Okay so for some reason my One Drop Dietz has all of a sudden started becoming responsive to the point that if i pop the string up to do a grind or a ninja vanish the string just starts wrapping up inside the gap instantly and returns to my hand like a rocket… I never had this problem before so i’m not sure what is causing it. I switched bearings from the 10ball One Drop bearing to a Konkave bearing and it doesn’t seem to do it as bad with the Konkave bearing but i can still see it wrapping up inside the gap just from me popping it up.

Any thoughts?


What do the response pads look like?

What string are you using?

Are you sure the bearings are completely clean and have been very, very sparingly lubed?

It sounds like the 10 Ball was breaking in. Keep playing it. It’s gonna take a few more hours to get through this.

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Look for irregularities in your response and check the bearing seat. I would clean the bearing seat even if it appears to be clean.


One Drop Dietz Stats:
Diameter: 50.45 mm / 1.98 inches
Width: 41.45 mm / 1.63 inches
Gap Width: 4.27 mm / .16 inches
Weight: 62.8 grams
Bearing Size: One Drop 10 Ball Bearing
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: One Drop Flow Groove

The string i use is just basic yellow poly … or maybe 50/50… I got it so long ago i dont even remember exactly what it is now but i’ve been using the same type of string since i started and haven’t had problems with it. I do have some Kitty String (but i’m not a fan of it) so i thought about trying it just to see if that helps. I haven’t cleaned the bearings and only got this yoyo a month or two ago so it is pretty new however i usually throw a few hours everyday so it should be nice and broken in by now. I did just recently use some thin lube (2drops) on the 10ball bearing but that was only after it started catching badly.

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Lube makes a bearing responsive. The more lube and the thicker, the more responsive it will be. Clean the bearing or play until it’s broken in.

Sounds like the bearing may have had something in it before you lubed it.


As has been said: lube can increase responsiveness. I think that you’ve over-lubed the bearing trying to troubleshoot a different issue.

Clean the bearing out with mineral spirits. Blow out the bearing using office dusters. Use the paperslip method if after 2 cleanings it’s still not running smooth on a flick, but do this before you let the mineral spririts completely evaporate. The paper slip method will remove the mineral spirits and additional impurities/grit. Lube by dipping a long pin or needle into the bottle of lube, then touch the tip of the needle or pin to 1 or 2 bearing balls in the de-shielded bearing. Spin, repeat the lubrication process if desired only 1 more time. Re-shield if desired, pop back in yoyo, throw for a bit and see where things are at.


Once again I love this site because everyone is very helpful with this type of stuff and i’ve only been throwing for a couple years now and i’m pretty much the only person i know in my area that yoyo’s so technical stuff like this i’m not very familiar with so its nice to have people who know what they’re talking about.

Thanks again for all the help and we’ll see how the cleaning goes - I’ve never cleaned my bearings before and i throw for a few hours every day so they could probably use it.