responsive 10 ball?

My friend got a one drop yoyo (i dont remember what model), and his 10-ball came responsive. he’s cleaned it several times and lubed it with thin lube. He’s also played with it enough to have broken in the bearing by now.


What did he clean with it? Did he lube it and then play with it for a while? Check the bearing seat.

Just play it, lube makes it responsive.

10 balls are genenrally responsive. Just keep playing with it and it’ll become unresponsive.

It took some time for my M1 to break in but once it did it was unresponsive. Just show it some love, it will be unresponsive in no time

the seat is fine and he used paint thinner.
Something interesting that he said to me…He tried his KK bearing in it too, and it was responsive, but when he put it back into his pgm, it became unresponsive again. Maybe its the gap of the yoyo? old string maybe?

than it is either the bearing seat or the yoyo response. he should try putting the 10ball into another yoyo and see how that works. if it works, than you know for sure it isn’t the bearing.