i just got a P2 and an extra 10ball and it is slightly responsive. when i try to grind it shoots back to my hand and giving my a brused knuckle. me no like responsive :’(

so i heard you have to bread the bearings in and the 10ball is especially responsive before that. but how long will that take? in all my past yoyos, it took a good 4 or 5 days maybe an hour a day. but i have been playing with the P2 for 8 days now at least 2 hours a day. i swiched the bearings in my P2 and my “i” and the spare in my 888x that i am slowly regaining a love of, and the 888x is almost perfectly unresponsive and now the “i” is responsive. here is the weird part: the P2 was fine for a while (noticably louder with the yyf bearing that i had in my “i”) but it is now starting to snap back again. so it can’t just be the bearing.

so the 888 10ball i had was fine but i have trouble extracting it from the bearing (not a problem) but i want to know what is wrong. the P2 is responsive with a previously unresponsive bearing, and for the first half our with the bearing, it was unresponsive. and the original 10ball is still responsive.

so in the end:
how much longer do i have to keep trying to break in the tenball if it needs to be broken in? (i also have trouble deshielding it so i cant clean it)

why is it now responsive with my yyf bearing? i prefer the 10ball’s smoothness. it vibes for some reason with the yyf

Its just the bearing. It’ll be fine. It may take a couple months to break in, just depends. However, after breakinbg in, they are, in my opinion, better than any other bearing out there.