My 10 ball bearing.

Is there something wrong with it?

I bought a 10 ball when ibought my dv888.

They both came today and the 10 ball has like a 3 second flick time. And it dies out so quickly. People on the forums said it was amazing. Solutions? Please?

The flick time isn’t necessarily the best representation of the quality of a bearing.

A 10 ball bearing is super smooth, and usually really quiet (although it’s really loud on my phenom). Spin time has never been a problem with any of my yoyos with 10 balls in them. Besides, maybe you still need to break it in.

But i didnt have to break my KK in. The second i put it in it had a 21 second flick and it slept for almost 3 minutes. And it didnt sleep for long either like 30 seconds. And it didnt even sustain a full Nuclear Testing trick. And no im not bad at it .-.

10 balls are a pain in the ______ to break in. I’ve had one take a week. If you want your bearing to preform as expected, I’d suggest cleaning it. 10balls are my favorite bearing, but I hate the break in times.

Here’s a vid to clean it

All credit to the vid’s owner

10 Balls need breaking in. I also had one in my dv888 for a while (only took it out because i got a 10 ball concave one) and it took a few hours of play to break it, but its worth it trust me.

Good luck :slight_smile:

10 Ball bearings are super smooth and super quiet before they’ve been broken in. Once they’ve broken in, Its loud as … A loud bearing

So its normal to have a 3 second flick time?

Because in the unboxings for Dif-E-Yos the people say the bearing is amazing.

And if theyre just doing the unboxing i would imagine it hasnt been broken in.

If it can spin for at least 30 seconds without dying on you, it works. keep playing it for it to break in. the flick time might be your hand. No offense :x

I flick it with the same force i flick my KK and center track ;-;

So im not weak.

Uhmmm How long does it spin?

just break it and it will be fine

^ What he said.
As long as it spins, Theres nothing wrong with it. I’m serious.

k ill take your word and ill use it for th enext week and get back to you.
Out of curiousity…

Whats the flick and sleep time on your broken in 10 ball?

Just let it break in. Takes a long time like a week or so.

Oh yes a quick tip, doing Gyroscopic flops can break it in a tiny bit more faster because you pull the bearing which “grinds” the lube down faster.

I lubed my normal bearing and within 10 long Gyro Flops, it was 70% unresponsive/broken in.

I do not know what type of 10-ball you have. I have many of the 10-ball bearings from OneDrop.

I have never had the problems you are describing. Yes bearing gets a bit looser as you play it (breaks-in) - but it is still very quiet, long-spinning and smooth right out of the envelope. If not, something is wrong. I would ask for a replacement.

Ill just deal with it…

It isnt that bad anymore i was still kinda hoping for that 30 second flick >_>

I have the standard 10 ball. First result when you type in 10 bal in the search box on YYE.

30 Seconds? That’s a little too long dontchuh think?
I think mine spins for about 20 seconds. You should let your bearing break in. After breaking in it should give better results. and ‘Louder Results’ if you know what i mean.