Overall Slower Spin Times With OD 10-Ball?

Hey guys, just stating something I’ve noticed lately, and maybe somebody can help me.

I am a big One Drop fan, and because of that, I purchased some of their 10-ball bearings. I really like how quiet and smooth they are; they are definately a high-quality bearing. However, over the last couple months I have aquired some other bearings, specifically 3 Crucial V2’s. The V2’s come stock in a lot of RecRev yoyos, so I have a couple around. I really really like them. However, when doing a direct comparison of the two, I find that on a flick, on average, my V2 bearings will spin around 23-24 seconds, while my OD 10-ball bearings spin around 6-7 seconds.

I do not have any lube in either, the OD bearings have been cleaned, as well as my V2’s. This isn’t with just 1 10-ball bearing, it is with all 5 I have. They all are consistently slower than my V2’s.

Does anybody know why this happens, even a solution to fix the problem? I really want to keep supporting One Drop, but if there isn’t a solution, I may need to start getting some V2’s.

Also, I don’t want to start a bearing argument. I am just staing my findings as of late, and want to see if they are similar to other people’s findings.

More balls --> more friction?

I have found that 10 ball bearings have given me drastically shorter spin then my other bearings. the only reason i use them is when i need to be quite.

Do you find that the 10-ball bearings give you significantly shorter spin times?
Are you unable to do any of your combos?

If not, why worry? It doesn’t matter how long the spin on a flick, what matters is how long they spin on a string.


Thank you for your replies everybody. It is good to see I am not the only one with this problem. However, in reply to this question, I can do my little combos I came up with, but lately I have just been learning a ton of tricks, and when your learning I like to try the move a couple times during one throw, but I find with the ten ball I can only try the part of the trick I am trying to learn around twice before I have to dismount and bind.

Word. Does this happen with your V2s as well? Because when you’re learning a trick, your spins can get off until you get the movements down.

I have bearing 10-ball (not a name brand) that spins for over 30 seconds on a flick.

It actually doesnt with my V2s. They spin a lot longer, so I can practice te part usually 4-5 times

Not sure what the deal is. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

OD ten balls come with some lube in them stock, that may be why. I cleaned mine, and added the right amount of lube, where you drop it on a sewing needle, then tap every other ball, or 4 for me, and It played sick in my X-convict. They also help larger Diameter yo-yo’s play smoother, from what a buddy and I have seen. Hope I helped some.

The spin times will be slightly shorter than 8-balls. Due to the amount of friction. However, more important factors are:

Did you lube it?
Does the particular yoyo have a lot of rim weight?
Is the bearing noisy?