One Drop 10 ball bearing?

i need more spin time on my dm2 and was wondering does the 10 ball bearing really help? I heard great things about this bearing so is it worth to spend 7.20 (with the Halloween Discount) for this bearing?


But even cheaper would be to work on your throw, which is where most of the problem really is. Seriously. The more you throw, the better you get, and that will really be a better investment than the very nice OD 10-ball bearing.

The thing with bearings is it comes down to personal preferences as well. I won’t argue the OD 10-ball, as it’s a nice bearing and I have some spares right now, mainly since I haven’t put them in my OD yoyos that should have them.(my MMN and 54. My Code 1 is set already). I also like Terrapin X bearings as well. Most stock bearings are pretty good though.

So, I won’t discourage you from ordering that bearing, but keep in mind, postage/shipping, so if you’re gonna buy, get some bulk strings too just to make it worth your order and the shipping. But, either way, please do work on your throw. It’s your best bet for increasing sleep times and all around performance.

Oh, regarding value: Yes, the bearing is worth it at full price too!

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Believe it or not, but the best flat bearing I’ve owned is a normal YYJ speed bearing. It was out-of-this-world smooth, quiet, and spun just as long, if not longer, then the 10 ball I owned.

I think sometimes it’s even just the luck of the draw, now that Koenigseggfire mentions it. I’ve had standard bearings that were just dreamy, including rusty old YYJ standard bearings.

None of this is relevant to NEEDING the new bearing, though. Studio42, time and time again, hits the nail right on the head. Beats it up and takes his lunch money, too.

I say don’t go out of your way to buy just the bearing, unless your current one is literally dead and you really need one. It won’t make a huge difference, and I’m sure you’d want to at least pick up something else to make it worth it (once again, Studio has it on the money).

Most of my C bearing yoyos (not many) have 10 balls in them, but that’s just coincidence, since I didn’t even buy 'em; they just kinda accumulated through trading yoyos. I can say that I really like them, and I do notice a difference in play. The whammy is, though, that difference isn’t in spin time.

If we just want to talk spin times:

Using the YYJ bearing that came with Dark Magic II, thinking back, I went from bad throws and hence had sleep times(around 20-30 seconds) to better throws and almost 2 minutes of sleep time. Of course, I barely let it sleep that long, as I’m trying to do tricks, and well, that’s a whole lot of new messing up involved in that and killing my yoyo a lot. But if we focus on the sleep only and using the standard YYJ Speed Bearing as our “control”, I just snapped in a broken in OD 10-ball and took out the Terrapin X Wing Cut bearing that is normally in there.

Honestly, I’m not judging play, I’m just throwing down and clean. The amount of sleep time is negligible and can be chalked up to human inconsistency. I will say that the sleep times on the 10-ball and the Terrrapin X were MORE, but less than 10 seconds more. With that kind of differences, I bet I could have made up that difference on the stock bearing with a slightly harder throw or other factors. Since I’m not “calibrated”, all I can say for certain is I know I can be a bit inconsistent.

Note that this wasn’t scientific and wasn’t accurate, but I did use a stopwatch and I wasn’t really warmed up. I just saw this, swapped bearings real fast, threw and timed, assuming a nice, straight throw(not all were!). This was merely observational but using a scientific instrument to get some sort of usable results.

They are good at first, but with time they spin only a little longer than your average bearing.