Best bearing upgrade for string tricks/spin time?

Hey guys,

I’m getting myself back into the yoyo game, and I’m looking for a bearing upgrade. I usually throw a YYF Super G, and I have a concave bearing (not sure if it’s KonKave brand) and a Center Trac bearing in addition to the basic YYF ones. Does anybody have suggestions for a new C size bearing for longer spin times for learning new string tricks? I saw the new CLYW Pixel bearings but I haven’t heard much about them yet? Any suggestions are appreciated!


From my experience a bearing only helps a little when trying to improve sleep time. I would just really practice throwing your yoyo super straight. Regarding the CLYW Pixel bearings, I have no experience with them, so I cant really help!


Thanks for the tip!

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Pixels can be EXCELLENT. but the can also be crap. Last batch was kinda hit and miss. They are pre lubed and will need to be broken in. Some break in in minutes, others in hours, some in days, and some still, never break in. But if you get a good one? youll be ruined cause nothing else will compare.

YYR DS - Steel is good, Gold is better, Platinum is king. So smooth, quiet, lasts. Excellent option vs pixel.

Terrapin X Wing Ceramic Hybrids - Expensive, sublte machining for centering, but amazing if cared for properly. With a correct dry lube job, no other bearing’s spin time comes close. (NOTE- this is bearing on tool, not yoyo sleep time) I made a how to video on youtube showing what im talking about. these things are BOSS.

Center trac, KK, concaves, all feel the same to me for the most part. Tends to be noisy but spin times can be decent.

If you want to run flats, OD10s or Terrapin Flats. cant go wrong with either.

Budget alternatives - Buddah bearings. Ive tried several shapes and types of this line, all were pretty solid for the price/performance ratio.

Gold wears down over time. The gold plating tends to wear down/break down over time and spin times will decline, but fresh out of the pack? Nothing is smoother. Plus the gold glint can give a nice addition to certain colors of the yoyos.

Most everything I have uses the stock bearing it came with. The exception is a few trades that came with a worthless bearing because the previous owner subscribed to the “burn the solvent off” bearing cleaning method.

Ik this is a long tiem after the fact but how are the Dif-e-yo KoneKave bearings and should i get ceramic or YYF?

I do not think you need a ceramic, they impossible to clean so if your ceramic bearing get dirty and responsive is ready for the bin and do not worth the price as they have apparently no benefit to a “standard” bearing.
About the brand my favourite are the DS Bearings, I love the shape of the bearing, I have some from one year and they play perfectly if not better than day one, never had to clean them and all of them are working perfectly, never get a DS bearing defective.
If the DS is too expensive I would say to go with the Sochi ones, leave Dif-e-yo or YYF ones (they alright eh but I see the Sochi are better as quality in general)

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I have a NSK bearing and a ceramic bearing and they honestly don’t make much of a difference.

If you want a yo-yo that spins longer get something heavier.

My current go to is a turning point hades and it spins forever

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I just wash my ceramic bearing in soap and water in the kitchen sink. That’s one of the only advantages of ceramic is there are no risks to tossing some dawn dish soap on the suckers.

With that said ceramic bearings aren’t worth it unless you have a reason you want to use them like matching the color fir a cool picture (because you can have a white or black ceramic bearing which might look better than silver or gold.) if you are in a space where your yoyo is constantly exposed to fine particles and you need to wash your bearings often or are yo-yoing in high humidity like at a swimming pool or something all the time. Or if you just like them.

Otherwise ceramic aren’t better or worth the extra cost just noisier and different.

Speaking of gold plated and junk like that. that’s also a gimmick stainless steel is all you really need unless you just think the gold looks better.

Thanks for helping me out. Ill check them out


Yeah, my house is pretty dusty as i have 3 pets and on top of that i live in florida so its pretty humid. Ill stay with stainless steal.

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Anything cheaper? Im looking for like 20-40 dollar price range. I do not have the funds to pay 200+ on a yoyo

Those mostly seem out of stock. I just started with the Eric Koloski Knockout so moving from basic old yoyos to modern metal yoyos. Im thinking about offset yoyos grooved bearing. Any experiences?

I would say that usually yoyo bimetal and with a weight around 67gr have a super good spin time, there are so many cheap in this range, also monometal but with the same weight, have to be honest for me are too heavy and do not enjoy super much to play with +67 grams.

What I can say is anyway that spin time comes more from your technique, try to develop a great throwing technique and you will see that is better than any bearing/heavy yoyo!

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Any recommendations? Im using a YYF Uppercut right now. Its been great so far but has absolute trash spin time. Im talking full power throws. Shudler arm and wrist flick perfectly straight and it spins for almost 30 seconds. Im working on a pretty technical combo right now and the spin isnt cutting it.

I do not have much experience with this kind of yoyo as are not my favourites, have to say the Recognition from Unprld is a very good one at 66.45 gr and is a power house to be a monometal and is in your range, the Abyss from Yoyofactory, or the Topyo Annhilation which is basically 69grams lmao.

Which level are you? Honestly the spin time should not be something that really bother you if you are a beginner.

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It may be your throw too. They uppercut should spin longer that 30 seconds of the baring is clean. I don’t know what level you are but if you just started, try giving the Yoyo a little more umph when you throw it, not just a little wrist flick.

Yeah i figured that to. Im throwing with a full arm motion. Arm up, shulder back, wrist curled, and then i throw. My throws are pretty much perfectly straight to im assuming that its string allignment. Hence why im looking at a grooved bearing. How should i clean the stock YYF bearings?

I dont know what you meant by level but id say im pretty much late beginer to early intermediate. I know stuff like boingy boing, barrel rolls, split bottom mount. Im working on brother slack and double on trapeze