Best bearing upgrade for string tricks/spin time?


Hey guys,

I’m getting myself back into the yoyo game, and I’m looking for a bearing upgrade. I usually throw a YYF Super G, and I have a concave bearing (not sure if it’s KonKave brand) and a Center Trac bearing in addition to the basic YYF ones. Does anybody have suggestions for a new C size bearing for longer spin times for learning new string tricks? I saw the new CLYW Pixel bearings but I haven’t heard much about them yet? Any suggestions are appreciated!



From my experience a bearing only helps a little when trying to improve sleep time. I would just really practice throwing your yoyo super straight. Regarding the CLYW Pixel bearings, I have no experience with them, so I cant really help!


Thanks for the tip!



(InvaderDust) #5

Pixels can be EXCELLENT. but the can also be crap. Last batch was kinda hit and miss. They are pre lubed and will need to be broken in. Some break in in minutes, others in hours, some in days, and some still, never break in. But if you get a good one? youll be ruined cause nothing else will compare.

YYR DS - Steel is good, Gold is better, Platinum is king. So smooth, quiet, lasts. Excellent option vs pixel.

Terrapin X Wing Ceramic Hybrids - Expensive, sublte machining for centering, but amazing if cared for properly. With a correct dry lube job, no other bearing’s spin time comes close. (NOTE- this is bearing on tool, not yoyo sleep time) I made a how to video on youtube showing what im talking about. these things are BOSS.

Center trac, KK, concaves, all feel the same to me for the most part. Tends to be noisy but spin times can be decent.

If you want to run flats, OD10s or Terrapin Flats. cant go wrong with either.

Budget alternatives - Buddah bearings. Ive tried several shapes and types of this line, all were pretty solid for the price/performance ratio.

Gold wears down over time. The gold plating tends to wear down/break down over time and spin times will decline, but fresh out of the pack? Nothing is smoother. Plus the gold glint can give a nice addition to certain colors of the yoyos.


Most everything I have uses the stock bearing it came with. The exception is a few trades that came with a worthless bearing because the previous owner subscribed to the “burn the solvent off” bearing cleaning method.