whats your opinion on bearings?


what is your opinion on infinite illusions mercury bearing?is it loud,smooth,long spinning,and unde-shieldable.will cleaning it realy slow it down?how long does its awesome play last if it does play awesome?if you havent tried one,tell me what upgraded bearing you prefer(mercury,gold,grooved,dorothy,yyj speed bearing,center track,dif-e-o konkave,konkave ceramic,or one drops 10 ball).tell me why you like them.i’m getting one or two new bearings so i need you advice.i plan on putting the bearing/bearings in an 888x,boss,lunatic,atmosphere,and a dingo.i will swich them out depending on what i’m feeling.thank you for your time.yo-bear.

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In my opinion the bearings in your throws are good, IMO also you don’t need an upgrade. As far as I know bearings like the kkand others aren’t really upgrades they’re stock bearings on other yoyos.
About the mercury bearing, Ihear really goodthings about it. I’m not really sure about the things I know about the mercury.


I still gotta pick some up, just haven’t had the time! Heres another thread about it.


The only upgrade bearing is the Terrapin X S/C. You will really notice the difference in play.


where can i get a terrapin x bearing.


Merc bearings are essentially -ultra- clean bearings… they go through a special process that sucks out every bit of oil or grease. Normal cleaning methods like lighter fluid or other solvents leave a residue behind… this process doesn’t.

If you clean them, you have destroyed the point of them, and they will return to being normal ‘clean’ bearings.


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Just to add my theory on bearings, if it works, don’t change it or mess with it. Since there really is not a great difference on bearings (except maybe if the bearing starts to rust) but most of the bearings stock today are stainless steel. Thus, why would one need to spend extra money on a bearing if the one you have works?

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I think Icthus covered the Mercury Bearing :). The gold bearinsg I’ve heard are a waste of money because they eventually lock up and greatly reduce the spin time. Grooved bearings are pretty good I’ve heard because it has enough apce for one string and it won’t start stacking the string on top of each other and snap back at you. Dorothys are discountinued :/. YYJ speed bearings are nice, definantly an improvement from a normal YYJ bearing IMO. The Center Track is kinda like a Konkave except it’s flat in the middle so it wont stack string on top of each other like the Konkave do. Like I’ve said before a KK is prone to making the yoyo snap back at you and I don’t really recommend (I’m only using one because it spins the longest for me ATM). The ceramic is kinda a KK upgraded, twice as much money and longer spin times. BUT since it’s 2x the cost of a normal Konkave it should spin twice as long, right? Wrong, it spins maybe for an extra 20 seconds maybe. And finally the 10 ball, the best bearing IMO, it is ultra quiet, great spin times, and really smooth. Get the 10 ball.

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Its all up to preferance. They’re mostly all the same. My favorite and the yyj bearings in my high end yoyos and yyf in low end


I have a Konkave type C for my Blackknight, and a mercury bearing as well. The mercury bearing is made up of dry, floating shields. No lube, or cleaning is required. It’s quiet and smooth. A very good replacement due to the fact that it will last a while with no maintenance.


how long is a while.


Longer than most stock bearings.


I’m at six months of consistent use with no noticable loss of smoothness.


thanks.this helps me make my desicion.