Good purchase?

Just bought 4 terrapin x 10 ball bearings plus dry play lube for 22.50. It said it spins for 3.5 minutes just rolling off your hand!

Good purchase?

For that low of a price, that’s a pretty good deal. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of those bearings, for only $22.50, that’s a steal.

Isn’t one of them $23 retail? Lol it’s a totally good deal!

That’s about normal.

HOwever, the 3.5 minutes requires some skill to keep the yoyo stable as the yoyo slows down.

Get yourself some acetone and practice Dry play treating. It’s worth the effort.

He said they come treated though. What do u think about the bearings? U like them?

If they’re ceramics, you don’t use the DryPlay. Save that stuff for steel bearings.

I’m a big fan of Dry Play.

Absolutely correct. If you want a Dry Play treated ceramic bearing, get it direct. Never needs lube. Might need a cleaning once in a very great while.

I got the steel ones. And they come treated

Buddha Ripple bearings are all you need. I don’t buy into this expensive bearing stuff.

So far, I’m liking the Whipples even more.

I would really like to try those. They’re better than the Ripples huh?

May have to get some on my next order there.

Whipples and ripples better than terrapins?

It’s worth giving them a go, at any rate. :wink: I like that the string layers SEEM to get out of the way better. The “V” isn’t as sharp as I imagined, somehow. In terms of smoothness, pretty similar. Maybe the Ripple is a tad smoother? Maybe?

mordo613: I wouldn’t say they’re “better,” no. And pre-treated with DryPlay ain’t a bad thing! Your haul is a good one, have no fear… good price for good bearings, and you get some DryPlay to re-treat or use in other bearings, too. A bargain for sure.

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I’ll just say I don’t like getting on the hype train.

Bearings are bearings bro. Obviously some suck, like YYJ bearings haha, but 99% of the rest of them are great. I prefer Center Tracs in yoyos I use most, but usually I could care less about what’s making it spin. They’re all probably made in the same place anyways.

Bearings are bearings. Go read Josh Yee’s post on bearings. He’s about the only one in the yoyo community who’s got his head on straight when it comes to bearings.

I wouldn’t go that far. :wink: I think there’s a valid use case for profiled bearings (and I imagine you do, too, if you like Ripples and CTs!) whereas Josh thinks anything other than flat is a gimmick at best, and will screw you up at worst.

That’s very true, but otherwise for the most part I think he’s right, honestly. There are too many bearing companies overcharging for their product, when I could get something just as good for half the price.

Here’s an abridged version of his post, or what I agree with at least.

Haru Ray likes to present his “opinion” as the only fact we need to bother with. Sometimes I think his wolf mask needs a few more airholes in it.

Different bearings exist for a reason. The fact that we’ve decided to incorporate various shapes of bearings into yoyos also is done for a reason.

What I will say is that as long as one has a decent bearing, you’re fine. A lot of the younger new players are of the assumption that that they can use technology to compensate for some area their game is lacking in. The truth is their game is lacking in “game”. Buying a different bearing won’t compensate for a bad throw.

This isn’t to say what Haru Ray says doesn’t have more than just an element of truth in it. You can get anywhere you want with a flat bearing. Ain’t nothing wrong with flat bearings. One Drop, a very well respected brand, ships all their yoyos with a flat bearing inside. Not everyone does. That’s fine too. You can always change out bearings.

I say use what you want. If you perceive an improvement over what the yoyo shipped with, then that’s the better solution for that player with that yoyo and that bearing combination.

As for myself, I appreciate people wanting to save me money. I am choosy as to what I buy. I also have probably way too many spare bearings right now, so I think I’m good, but I do have an offer to get some Terrapin X bearings for a good price and I need to follow up on that. I know my game is lacking “game”. My skills don’t reflect the amount of time I have put into playing the yoyo. I also know that getting a new yoyo and/or bearing isn’t going to do much, if anything or if at all to help me. But, I do know that if I try something and I like it better, I’m gonna stick with it.

Regardless of how you want to approach this, you need a decent quality bearing in your yoyo. This doesn’t mean it has to cost a lot. It also doesn’t mean you have to spend anything because it might already be inside the yoyo! Sometimes bearings just need a cleaning to get them running their best. Then again, sometimes a yoyo ships with a crappy bearing. Hey, it happens.

If you want a shaped bearing or profiled bearing, then use it. Don’t let anyone change your mind. But, there’s a lot to be said for many stock bearings too, including flats.

I like CTs because of that bit of added stability when using a plastic. I have a CT in my OneStar and a KK in my Classic. My metals just have the rest of the bearings I have laying around.

I think that there is probably some truth in what Haru says, but, I also think that it is perfectly reasonable to prefer features of some bearings. Perhaps the hiss is an important characteristic. I like a really quiet bearing. I don’t need one. I like it.

I am not sure if I like centering bearings, because my tricks seem to be just fine flat or profiled, as I am just getting into the advanced section. It stands to reason that I need to be a much more advanced player to see if the profiles help at all. I can land the same tricks regardless fo bearing currently, but I love the sound and feel of my 10 balls I have installed currently. I have 3 10 balls across almost 50 yoyos though, and no hurry to change them all out.

Going for a bearing because it’s more silent is the only reason I could see someone justifying a bearing purchase if noise is actually an issue. I myself agree with haru that profiled bearings make no difference in currently produced yoyos where the response is flush. If the reponse isn’t flush I understand the need for them then and only then