Terrapin S/C X Wing

So I have posted about this before and it wasnt so positive unfortunate. But after cleaning in a few times I must have finally freed it up.

I must say, this bearing is ridiculously smooth. It is finally dead unresponsive and spins for hours on end (not literally). After I freed it up I used my KK ceramic because it seemed like an awesome bearing, but today I decided to throw in the Terrapin just to see how it played and I must say I was impressed. If you have an extra $25 to spend this is where it should go.

Glad you got it cleand out. The white ZrO2 (zirconium dioxide) balls, once treated, never require any lube.
Just a dip and a spin in acetone when you get grit in 'em.

Well it played responsive from the package, and took had to be cleaned a few times. I guess shipping must have got something in there, and in there good. Haha

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PM me and get them for $20 shipped US, no eBay fees…

PM me and get them for $20 shipped US, no eBay fees…
Wish I would have known that before I got it on eBay. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll be getting more eventually and I’ll keep that in mind!

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Wish I would have known that before I got it on eBay. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll be getting more eventually and I’ll keep that in mind!
Sorry you missed it. I used to have “Buy Direct and save, PM me” under my avatar.
But YoYo Expert bought 50 S/C C size with a target price, so I dropped it.
But that was over 3 months ago so I guess they have a different plan as to who gets them.

Now available with ceramic 10 ball configuration. Flat or Wing Cut.

I’m deff gonna PM you I spoke you to you on eBay remember I told you my girlfriend had thrown away the little green stick I needed to add the terrapin lube? Also ill be buying some bearings soon within 3 days

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Ok you should try out the new TX Wing Cut 10 ball, spins forever and no lube ever…
I’ll send you some DryPlay lube free, use it on your old steel bearings, it works

R u supposed to be able to tell the bearing is indented with the naked eye because iordered a sc wing 10 ball and it looks completely flat to me for 25

Mine looks pretty flat as well.

I cant wait to try mine. oh, the post office is probably closed on christmas eve, so that means that ill get it on wed.

Overall it is just a flat bearing. It spins exactly as long as my twisted trifecta but a lot louder. Seems better than a one drop ten ball, but i think ill stick with twisted, flat bearings just make the yoyo topple.

The Twisted Trifecta is amasing! i hope the Ceramic is better though.

If you are new at yoyoing they are good, I have 2. But when you get a little better you may find the TX wing cut will center the string without bunching or locking it in one place.
A permanently centered string is only OK when it’s hanging. When you add another layer the yoyo will be out of balance, not good for advanced play…

I just got one on yye :slight_smile: I love it!

I am newer but do wish to reach a higher level. I threw alot when the yoyo boom happened and recently learned about unresponsive play and have learned a lot of new tricks up to master level on yye(gotta learn far past that from what ive read). Im tryin to get info whenever i can. I was just thrown off on this bearing thing a bit, the yoyo seems to always get thrown off when it slides to the side of a flat bearing, ive never had trouble with the twisted being off balanced well at least the yoyo wasnt tillting over. I mean i wanna like flat but i dunno. :/. The twisted only really starts twisting on the third layer and even then with a stable yoyo like a chief it isnt hard to right itself.

Either way im gonna spend more time with the x wing and run it through all my throughs. I was reading how chris of clyw said that flush response is good for string centering bearings so maybe it would help to have a different response in conjuction with the x wing?

I find having a flush response helps no matter what the yoyo is and whatever the bearing is.

Ok so ive been throwing it today in puffin and chief and it is good lol