Terrapin Ceramic Bearing reviews?


Is it true that it slims for 3.5 minutes? And how smooth is it?




The terrapin x bearing can sleep from anywhere to 10 seconds to 30 minutes. It doesn’t have a preset spin time.


I’m thinking about buying one soon here… I just need to figure out exactly what kind of maintenance they need. I hear you don’t ever need to lube them, and can be cleaned with acetone or distilled water… But then no need to lube?

I believe these are the real deal, but I just need a little further convincing lol


I mean sleep


Personally I prefer ceramic konkaves. I would defiantly look into those. I just haven’t had much luck with them either. I purchased one and it was defective or someone had really gotten stuck in it. However, it was quickly replaced and sent back. I just prefer the deeper dip in the outer race.



Unless your competing, there is no need to throw such a costly bearing into a yoyo. I have 3, and hardly notice when im using them. Cant tell em apart performance wise from any of my ten balls or centertraks


I use Terrapin X Ceramics on some of my better throws that come with crummy stock-bearings. My old CLYW Avalanche came with a junky bearing (not the good, new ones CLYW uses now). Putting a Terrapin in in was a match made in heaven. The Terrapins have much better spin and that spin lasts a long, long time with zero maintenance. My Avalanche spins forever, is quiet and smooth as glass.

The one thing you have to do with the Terrapin ceramics is break them in. With the Terrapins, it means that, with new ones, sometimes they will get loud all of a sudden and you think “Oh my gosh, the bearing is messed up”. Play with it a bit longer and it gets smooth and quiet, never to be heard again. This can happen for up to a week. The sound does not affect the spin during this time. This does not happen with all of them but you should be aware that it can happen to some. I find it a minor annoyance that ultimately will yield a superior, maintenance-free bearing.

Are they worth it? For my Avalanche it was awesome. My Catalyst loves them. For my Phenom …I will stick with the ceramic Koncave. The Terrapin concaves are minimal at best; no need to mess with a perfectly good bearing.


10 or so lines spread across 6 replies is too long?? “TL;DR” is typically reserved for cases where a single reply has several long paragraphs!

In any event, I agree that there’s “no need” even for people competing. I’m sure several fantastic competitors are using steel bearings. But that doesn’t mean that people of any level at all can’t pop one in and enjoy them if that’s their thing.

If messing with different strings and bearings isn’t your thing, you’re probably not going to think it is money well spent. But the tinkerers among us actually find the putzing and fussing to be kinda fun, it doesn’t matter if we kinda suck (as I do), it’s just another layer of enjoyment to the hobby.


I reserve my right to site “TL;DR” Where i come from, it is perfectly applicable to anything more than two lines.
Well put too, bearings and strings are one of the few things you can change to alter your throwing experience, might as well have your way ^^


Centering bearing -> horizontals. Nothing else.


Some people would debate that, but let’s just be clear about one thing: Terrapin X may actually agree with you. Their “centering” technology is not a U shape, a groove, or anything else. It is a very subtle indent towards the middle, and it is very smooth. You have to inspect very carefully to even see it.

It is “center assist” at best and will easily let wraps of string behave the same way they would with a flat bearing.


not exactly


I love this bearing. Awesome. I don’t know what else to say


I sent 50 TX S/C wing Cut ceramics to YYE several months ago.
Guess they will keep them.

Ceramic bearings cost a bit more but preform bettor and last 5 times longer.


I think that someone at YYE tried them and found out they were pretty good. Cheers :slight_smile: