Terrapin X bearings on YYE

The Terrapin X S/C ceramics on YYE, FLAT or Wing Cut are all 10 ball.
Pretty sure the add has not been updated. Sent 100 of them a while ago.


Yes, this it is what Studieo42, Chris, Had to say on facebook:
I finally put that 10 Ball Fjh Terrapin S/C Ceramic in a yoyo. Which one did it go in? My Code 2 with disc side effects. SMOOTH and powerful. Wow. Just super pleased I did this today.

Any chance that we will ever see genuine Koncave bearings available with this treatment?

While I like the center assist well enough; I have a few throws that are specifically made for use with the Dif-E-Yo Koncave bearings. It would be great if you could offer Koncave bearings with the Terrapin treatment.

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Why don’t you just buy the lube and do it yourself?

Thanks. You are correct. I have used the Terrapin X powder kit with varying degrees of mess.

I am unsure, however, about whether the do-it-yourself kit is the same as the terrapin-X bearings treatment. I thought there were extra steps in the full treatment (heat, etc). Am I wrong on this?

I am also a computer programmer; which makes me lazy; by definition. :slight_smile: …Sorry.

There seems to be some confusion between DryPlay treatment and Steel/Ceramic construction. As far as I know (though FJH will certainly be the only one you should listen to), the point of the S/C is that they do not NEED any special treatment. The way ceramic plays against steel (low friction, low or zero chance of galling) is its own selling point. Not a treatment. The DryPlay is meant for your Steel/Steel bearings.

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Then what is the Terrapin treatment for the ceramic bearings? Those are certainly not just dry steel/ceramic, they are treated also. I have found that the steel/steel bearings to be not nearly as good as the steel/ceramic Terrapins.

So I guess I am looking for some ceramic Koncave bearings that have received the Terrapin treatment that I get with the S/C. Does that make sense?

I should just wait for FJH, as he is the final word. But this is my point exactly: they ARE just dry steel/ceramic, as far as I know. The play between those two materials creates the unique feel. And you’re probably right that steel/steel isn’t as good as steel/ceramic. That’s meant to be the selling point. :wink:

Dif-e-yo KonKave Ceramic Bearing

There are two main advantages in ceramic balls. The big one being that you don’t have to take care of them as much. They are smoother and ceramic is very heat resistant which helps so that they don’t warp. The second being is that you get better spin times due to the pores in ceramic. Less surface area= less friction which in turn means that it will spin longer. Not too much, but some.

Now I am confused too. I assumed that the Terrapin ceramic bearings were ALSO coated with this process as well… Seeing that it is dry it would not soak into the balls as a “wet” lube would…

It would be nice to know though…

All terrapin bearings are treated with dry play. Steel as well as ceramic.

Heat resistance really is not an advantage for the speed yoyos run at. In any event the race is what would tend to warp from any heating issues, and it is steel.

Less surface area? How so?

I honestly don’t think that’s true. I’d rather hear it from FJH before staking my life on it, though.

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard him say it before. He specifically made it because you can’t use wet lube with ceramic bearings and that is what he mainly makes.

Heh, and I’m pretty sure he’s said specifically that they are NOT DryPlay treated. :wink: That means there’s only one person who can tell us for sure.

But since yammering is good fun anyhow, I’ll throw this out there: I’ve run DryPlay-treated bearings through an acetone bath before, which causes some small dark particles to fill the liquid. I do not recall having seen such specks when I once ran a Terrapin X S/C through an acetone bath. It may be that I wasn’t looking for them because I wasn’t expecting to see them, though.

Just to sum it all up, TX S/C ceramic bearings are treated differently then the steel ones. Galling does not occur with steel and ceramic balls, however it still runs longer with the treatment.
Being pores the ceramic balls hold the polymer forever, unlike steel.
I do not do U-groove (KK type) bearings, no talented player I know uses them.

That’s just so much BS.


In my experience based on knowing many sponsored players they ALL play KK’s.