Terrapin X or Dif-E-Yo Ceramic Konkave? PLEASE REPLY!

Which one should I get? Please reply!


If you want the new 10 Ball wing cut ceramic, I’d recommend it if you’re into flat bearings. I’m actually going to stuff one into my Code2 in a day or two.

As far as the Dif-E-O KK ceramic, well, I personally don’t benefit from what ceramic has to offer at this point. I would prefer a regular KK in my opinion. I can’t justify the costs for myself. I do have an MVP with one, and while I like it, I’d like it just as good with a steel one.

So, for flat bearing with shaped performance, Terrapin X. If you need a shaped bearing, the go for the KK.

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So, what, exactly, does a KK surface do?

Also, what is the 10 ball wing cut? And I know this sounds like a stupid question, but, just out of curiosity, which one spins longer?

And, I think the Terrapin X is ceramic, too, if I’m not mistaken.

The concave surface of KKs and other concave bearings work to center the string in the middle of the bearing, preventing it from rubbing the response pads or inner walls of the yoyo. This can change the play of the yoyo.

Now, personally, I will never buy a KK ceramic. 30$ a bearing is way too much. I know of a few websites that sell concave bearings that work perfectly well for me, spin long and nice when clean, and require very little maintenance for as little as 2 or 3$ a bearing. I’d much rather get a couple nice cheap concaves than get one extremely overpriced ceramic concave.

Now, with Terrapin bearings, my philosophy changes. Terrapin bearings are amazing. I have a flat one in my Code 2, and it is just wonderful. If you order directly through him through the forums, you can get his bearings for a bit cheaper, too. Plus, his Dry Play lube is the best lube I have used. Quality products all around. I say if you want a great flat bearing, go Terrapin all the way.

Edit: I would go with a regular, non-ceramic bearing. I’ve tried a ceramic KK and noticed no difference. Now, the Terrapin might be different, I don’t know.

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The KK has a curved shape. It’s not flat. The idea is the shape helps center the string. It does work, but a centered string in a bad throw is a centered string on a bad throw.

The One Drop 10 Ball is not wing cut. I’m not sure about the Terrapin X one because I haven’t opened mine yet. I’ve got other more priority projects I’m working on(I’m actually on a conference call right now, while some idiot is trying to dig themselves out of the hole they created after trying to pin it on me. I simply said “the scope of work I submitted did not include that”.)

Longer spinning? As long as it gets me through my combos, I don’t really care. Either will work just fine.

Depends on the bearing. He does steel and ceramics.

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All idol is get one drop bearing and strip out the lube cleaning it with lighter fluid ceramic don’t spin that much longer and I can do a 1.5 min trick with them and u can get 5 for $27 but that’s me

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Have you ever heard of punctuation?

Thanks, you have all been very helpful! :smiley:


All I do is get a One Drop bearing and strip out the lube, cleaning it with lighter fluid. Ceramic doesn’t spin that much longer; I can do a 1.5 min trick with steel bearings which can be had for $27 for five. But that’s just my experience.

The TX S/C bearings will blow anything else away…
Money back guarantee…

I certainly didn’t need my money back. Awesome product.