KonKave Bearing

i want to get a konkave bearing for my yoyo, but i am stuck between getting the ceramic (30.00$! expensive) and the steel (15$ still expensive). i want a more unresponsive yoyo, and i have a yyj dark magic. Will the steel still give me unresponsive play, because 30.00 is [b]WAY[b] too expensive. I want my string to not touch the sides, so i need to know how good the steel is for unresponsive play. Also, it says the ceramic lasts longer. is the difference significant? Thanks!

Solution to your problems:

Opinion is based on a Size C Bearing

KonKave Shape = U
Center Trac Shape = _/
Terrapin X =-_-

Center Trac > KonKave > Terrapin X

Center Trac-Steel=11.00 USD
KonKave-Steel=14.50 USD
-Ceramic=30.00 USD
Terrapin X-Steel=12.50 USD
-Ceramic=25.00 USD

Terrapin X wins.And you can turn a OneDrop 10-ball into a Terrapin X OneDrop 10-ball bearing.Or even a General-Yo AIGR Bearing into a Terrapin X General-Yo AIGR Bearing.Through customization.

I had also tried all of them,and was taken aback at the very first throw after switching the standard Bearing with the Terrapin X’s and the only flaw is that they are dry and are VERY noisy.A tiny drop of Thin Lube would be enough to shut it up though.

These Bearings can be requested/bought from fjh123 at YYN or eBay

Hope I helped


I have a bunch of terrapins, got one when they first came out. They blow away everything else by far. I don’t find them noisy at all. Never lubed or cleaned any. I think lube would slow them down.
They handle the string great and I got almost 10 min sleep in a P2 when I gave up.
Free shipping makes the price very nice. You got to add about $5 to the others for a comparison.
I wouldn’t get any of the others even if they were less money. They just don’t do it.

Terrapin X bearings are really good, I have one of the Terrapin X chrome, and it spins well, quiet. Once I flicked it and it literally went for 30 seconds or so. On a flick… Pretty much amazing in my opinion. I’d be scared to use one of the terrapin X ceramic bearings because it would become perpetual motion and cause the universe to explode after it causes the yoyo to speed up and past the speed of light. :smiley:

I have one. It’s still breaking in I think. For sure I would say, it is less stable then my Konkave. Though, I’ve been on a Konkave for so long, I’d forgot what a flat bearing is like. I don’t care what anyone says, there is a definite difference in feel and stability.
I’ve started to get used to the Terrapin S/C now, and after breaking in over the last week or so, the spin time has increased 1 third (Thats from about 2 1/2 min to almost 4, so don’t get excited). What I find fascinating is how it looks and acts like a flat bearing, but has just enough relief in the middle of the bearing surface to keep the string dead center all the time. I am very pleased with mine and for $25 shipped for a ceramic C-Bearing I never have to clean or lube, AWESOME!
They are noisy. Lubing will screw them up.

If you go with Terrapin-X, there are letters after the bearing info.
S it straight Stainless Steel
SC is ceramic balls with steel rings (I’m not sure what the proper name is, and you won’t know what I’m saying if I look it up.)

You will get the best bang for your buck with this: