Yet another request for bearing info

Ok, I know this subject has probably been flogged to death. But… I’m looking to purchase some new bearings. Any perceptible difference between the KonKave Ceramic Bearing and the Terrapin X Ceramic bearings?

Thanks for any input. I 'preciate it.


I recommend purchasing the ones currently installed in your yoyo’s.

They are bearings, use flat ones and deal with it. KK makes not a difference.

I find nothing wrong with buying bearings! Even if I am a noob to yoyoing I find non-stock bearings do better in my opinion. My personal favorites are the tenball and crucial grooved! I recommend those considering they aren’t $30! I have used a KK non-ceramic and it is nice, but I prefer others, along with a cheaper price tag!

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I think Terrapin X bearing will serve you well

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Terrapin x’s are great. My favorite is the ten ball, and I dont like my KK. they close up sucides.

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